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Sloane vs Dodonna

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Played my first game using a lot of squadrons last night against my son.


My list was:

 Admiral Sloane

VSD1, Cpt Brunson, Boosted Comms, Ex racks

VSD1, Boosted Comms, Ex racks


Interdictor title

Projections experts

Targeting Scramblers

G7-X Grav Well Projector

Squadrons: Maarek Steele, Col Jendon, Ciena Ree, Lambda shuttle, 2 x Tie fighter squadrons, Howlrunner

400 points.


My son had:

General Dodonna

MC80 Command Cruiser, Boosted Comms, ECM, Fighter Coordination Team, SW7 Ion Batteries, Raymus Antilles

Pelta Command Ship, Boosted Comms, Fighter Coordination team, Flight Commander, All Fighters Follow Me!

GR75, Bomber Command, Boosted Comms , Lando

GR75, Comms Net

Squadrons: Shara Bey, Jan Ors, Rogue Squadron, 2 x B-Wing, Y-Wing, Scurrg Bomber


He won roll off, chose first player and my Targeting Beacons objective.


Highlights / lowlights depending on your point of view were the non-flagship VSD being destroyed before it could get to shoot with black dice, Maarek and Jendon are great! Lucky bombing rolls (especially with BCC re-rolls) really hurt (see VSD destruction above!), Shara Bey is b.tch, but then my lad thinks the same of Ciena. Last two bombing dice of the game killed the flagship VSD exactly.


At the end, I'd got the MC80 and a squadron or two, but lost both the VSDs and a number of my squadrons.

It was a rebel win by 74 points.

If either VSD had survived, a draw/narrow Imperial win would have occurred. For first time using a lot of squadrons, I’m ok with the result, but definitely need to practice using them.


Really enjoyed getting back to Armada (having not played it for a few weeks) and also enjoyed playing it using something completely different.

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