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Pinball Decimator

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TIE/ln Fighter - •Valen Rudor - 42
    •Valen Rudor - Braggadocious Baron (28)
        Outmaneuver (6)
        Shield Upgrade (8)

TIE/ln Fighter - •“Night Beast” - 34
    •“Night Beast” - Obsidian Two (26)
        Stealth Device (8)

VT-49 Decimator - •Captain Oicunn - 121
    •Captain Oicunn - Inspired Tactician (74)
        Intimidation (3)
        •Darth Vader (14)
        •0-0-0 (5)
        GNK “Gonk” Droid (10)
        Shield Upgrade (3)
        •Dauntless (4)
        Veteran Turret Gunner (8)

Total: 197/200

View in the X-Wing Squad Builder


The main idea is to use the Decimator to keep one or more ships from going anywhere while the TIEs help or harass where needed.  While I am sure there are better pilots, and possibly ships, to replace the listed TIEs, I am working with limited resources currently.  So, feel free to make suggestions for how I can refine the list with the given pilots, as well as what I might want to buy when I can.

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Posted (edited)

Certainly not a bad list, overall. Oicunn is definitely going to be the focus of your enemy's fire, so I generally like the defensive upgrades. I would consider replacing two things on the Decimator:

  • Use BT-1 instead of the VTG. Experience has shown me that having enemies in a position to actually take advantage of the card is rather rare, and I'd rather be able to push a crit through myself. (BT-1 also makes 0-0-0 extra-nasty, as taking that stress token suddenly looks even less appealing.)
  • Use Minister Tua instead of the Gonk. The free Reinforce will arguably prevent more damage in the long run (at the probable cost of a blue move the turn after you take advantage of it) than taking an action to restore one shield will, giving you an extra turn or two to Decimate with. (If you go this route, you might consider using a Hull upgrade instead of an extra shield so that the ability to Reinforce kicks in earlier.)

As to the TIEs, I would put Juke on both of them for sure. Since they each have abilities that grant them extra actions in  certain circumstances, an Evade + Focus combo is gonna be nasty when they can also scrape away successful Evades on their prey.

Have fun, either way!

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