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Star Wars: Dark Times - Bounty Hunting Doesn't Pay OOC

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Posted (edited)


@LaGouache - Wes Proga: Muun - Sentinel:  Shien Expert/Artisan http://swsheets.com/c/q8f3qfekm-wes-proga

@MrTInce - Kr'owk: Chiss - Ace: Rigger http://swsheets.com/c/ftbrinvqi-kr-owk 

@Edgehawk - Fitz Deckard:  Human - Bounty Hunter: Skip Tracer http://swsheets.com/c/m73ac0q5v-fitz-deckard

@Tramp Graphics - Kurokage Ryuto:  Human - Sentinal: Sentry/Steel Hand Adept/Force Adherent http://swsheets.com/c/5rshqwpn0-kurokage-ryuto-

@Bellona - Naviin "Navi" Starhopper:  Human - Jedi: Padawan/Navigator http://swsheets.com/c/gja5x9lve--navi---naviin-

@Rabobankrider - Hihkhic Zerron:  Gotal - Colonist: Marshall/Enforcer http://swsheets.com/c/vl9tjrvmc-hihkhic-zerron


Dropped out or MIA:

@oneeyedmatt87 - Corr Halcard: Human-Smuggler: Gunslinger (Dropped our. Character saved on reserve) http://swsheets.com/c/7vbxaiaqm-corr-halcard

@Silim - Hira Darksun: Human (Echani) - Mystic: Seer - (player MIA) http://swsheets.com/c/vmvo85k3e-hira-darksun#



- YT-2000

- Civilian Air Speeder (Passenger Capacity 6)

  • Equipped with Light Blaster Cannon (Damage 2, Critical 3) - Vehicle scale.

- Ubrikkian Industries Bantha-II Cargo Skiff (Lords of Nal Hutta, also see Return of the Jedi). 

Destiny Points:

Light side - 3

Dark side - 7


Fitz Deckard: 11-20 (Unsolved Case)

Corr Halcard: 21-40 (Frontier Justice)

Navi Starhopper: 41-50 (Obsession - Jedi Artifacts)

Navi Starhopper: 51-60 (Antagonist - Blue Circle Gang)


Group Contacts on Nar Shadda:

Vug Nib (Female Toydarian, Ragnar Syndicate Contact)

Tiquib (Male Chadra-Fan, Former Bounty Hunter, self proclaimed descendant of "The Champ" during the Dark Wars of the Old Republic)




Wes Proga: Modesty/Vanity (1 Conflict)

Hira Darksun: Caution/Fear (0 Conflict)


Current Encounter: Initiative Order and NPC Stats.



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Posted (edited)

In the process of finalizing the intro IC post for the game. In the meantime, all players and characters have been approved from a mechanical stand point. 

Please roll for destiny points.

Note:  Edited post above.

  • Wes Proga will begin the game with 1 conflict due to using a dark side point to install a mod on his LS. (Approved by LaGouache).
  • See obligation assignments above for Fitz (11-20) and Corr (21-30).  The obligation roll will be made after all Destiny Point rolls have been.  If obligation is triggered the entire party will be affected.  And their obligation will enter into the story.
  • Intro scene will take place on another planet and then from there y'all will head to the Smugglers Moon. 




Edited by Sincereagape
My son typed enter before I could finish the post..

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2 hours ago, Edgehawk said:

Not sure exactly when this is going to get rolling, but I will be away from wifi this Friday 7/26 through Wed 7/31.

Thanks for the heads up.  Just posted the IC thread.  Sorry it took a bit.  Was exhausted from being out all day yesterday.

@Silim and @LaGouache - Does the party know Wes Proga and Hira Darksun are force users?  I have a feeling Hira has kept everything hidden, but I'm not sure of Wes Proga.


@oneeyedmatt87 @MrTInce @Edgehawk @LaGouache @Silim - IC post is up.  Let me know if you have any questions.  I tried to be as detailed as possible.  Wanted to throw you guys into action almost right away.  Thanks!

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I'd like to try my hand at using Foresee right away - no time like right before snatching a bounty to check the future for obvious red flags.




Hey hey, two light right of the bat! I'm using one to activate, and one to then activate Strength, giving me one single clear, solid detail/hint about the future I'm seeing.

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16 minutes ago, Edgehawk said:

So we have just been informed that our targets are right here in the cantina with us? Perception check to locate them? Difficulty?

@EdgehawkYou guys are still outside of the Cantina.  Yet to go in.  You heard via commlink from the Kubaz (Fitz's contact to be specific) that Zig and Zag are inside of the Cantina right now.   There appears to be only one entrance ina nd out of the catina...the front entrance.


Cantina Bar and Grill - Mos Shuuta

@Silim  PM sent with what your forsee tells you. 

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Wes does not reveal his Force sensitivity outside of his community, and even there, Munn have trouble considering things they may not control and tend to not believe in the Force this much.
I suppose that Hira and Wes may know each other's sensitivity due to having sensed it somehow. They may know it but never talk about it.

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Posted (edited)

Sorry I'm late all.

Destiny: 1eF 1 Dark Side

Corr will follow Fitz and Hira into the cantina. I'll post IC.

Also, I'm a little confused. We are going to try talking first, right? I can modify IC if we're going in hot.

Edited by oneeyedmatt87

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Talking is good but I'll try to get your back anyway. 

By the way, can we communicate between each others secretely when not in the same room ? (Has someone an ear comlink/helmet comlink, and do Wes knows that ?)

Can I hack the door lock ?

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Posted (edited)

Obligation: 2d10 13


@Edgehawk @oneeyedmatt87 @LaGouache @Silim @MrTInce

Obligation has been triggered.  Fitzy - Unsolved Case.   -1 Strain taken to threshold given, Fitz Deckard gets -2 strain to his thresh.

Wes Proga

-Average skullduggery check to break open the service door

-Hard Computers check to enter service door

- Hard mechanics check to shut down the generator.  

Edited by Sincereagape
added mechanics check to the generator shutdown

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