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Imperial death

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So I am playing a friendly game this weekend and wanna get the collectives thoughts on this team.

Krennic 90pts
bossk w/ hunter 121pts
boba w/recon intel 142pts
3x stormtroopers with DLT 204pts
2x death troopers w/ E-11D focus fire config and overwatch 176pts
E-web heavy blaster w/ barrage generator 65pts
for a total of 798pts

Command cards
whipcord launcher/voracious ambitions
reptilian rampage/deploy the garrison
annihilation looms/lying in wait
standing orders.

what do you guys think?

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Solid - hope you had fun.


Personally I would:

Swap E-Web for DLTs on Death Troopers (May need to remove recon as well for points). 

Put Hunter on a DLT squad. 

Also I’d have Bobas rocket over Annihilation - don’t like it unless you have a lot of inspire guys to remove from yourself. 

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it was a lot of fun, im personally a huge fan of the e-web gunner, i can usually find a way to deploy it on buildings if i can and give it a huge line of sight bonus. I built this team to dish out a crap ton of suppression, at 1 point there was about 30 suppression tokens on the board. All in all the game came down to last roll on the last turn of the game


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