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Rebel Anti-SSD List Ideas

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I’m a bit concerned about how Rebels are going to be able to build competitive tournament lists that could stand a chance against an SSD, but not be so focused on that, that they get steamrolled by more traditional lists. I think Rebs might have it a bit tougher than Imps when tackling this beast.

what Ideas have y’all had? Looking for suggestions and theory on how to approach this issue. 

Here’s my first pass:

Anti SSD?  (397/400)

Commander: General Dodonna

Objectives: Planetary Ion Cannon, Minefields, Precision Strike

[flagship] Assault Frigate Mark II B (72)
 - General Dodonna (20)
 - Paragon (5)
 - Electronic Counter Measures (7)
 - Boosted Comms (4)
 - Sabine Wren (4)
 - XI7 Turbolasers (6)
= 118 total points

GR-75 Medium Transports (18)
 - Bright Hope (2)
 - Expanded Hangar Bay (5)
 - Toryn Farr (7)
= 32 total points

GR-75 Medium Transports (18)
 - Bomber Command Center (8)
 - Boosted Comms (4)
 - Adar Tallon (10)
= 40 total points

Modified Pelta-class Command Ship (60)
 - All Fighters, Follow Me! (5)
 - Boosted Comms (4)
 - Ray Antilles (7)
 - Engine Techs (8)
= 84 total points

Squadrons (123/134):
1x Norra Wexley Y-wing Squadron (17)
1x Gold Squadron Y-wing Squadron (12)
1x Moldy Crow - Jan Ors (19)
1x Keyan Farlander B-Wing Squadron (20)
3x B-Wing Squadron (42)
1x YT-1300 (13)

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Raddus MC80 Star/Battle Cruiser can do well against SSD. Shouldn't be too hard to drop behind the SSD and SSD will struggle to get out of blue range shots. Intel Officer can help get rid of defence tokens. MC80 Assault/Command also good as drop ship and can take more damage. MC75 is not so good as the SSD will likely be able to move out of close range each turn. Not so a good option when you're trying to shoot from behind. With any option XI7s are a must.

If you're taking squads I'd suggest taking VCX and Yavaris to try and stay out of range or no more than long range. Rogue bombers also a good option.

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I like the Dodonna bomber list but I think it may be a little bomber heavy. You want a list for general use too so a second escort is highly reccomended as once Jan dies (and she can be attacked from the other side to where the escort is positioned) your entire fighters are locked down for a few turns while the SSD Flakks and shoots 2 other ships a turn. ET and Sabine could get you another escort or convert one B-wing into a YT1300. 

I was thinking of this

398/400 Targeting Beacons, Planetary Ion Cannon, Solar Corona
MC80-Star Cruiser, Dodonna, OL-Pulse, XX-9, Ciatken, Intel Officer. 142
MC80-Star Cruiser, HIE, XX-9, DTTs, Veteran Gunners. 120
MC80-Star Cruiser, HIE, XX-9, DTTs, Veteran Gunners. 120
Tycho 16

Flagship shoots first rerolling red dice if a bad roll or more importantly blue dice to fish for a blue crit. Intel officer targets one brace (or contain if the SSD has a DCO) and hopefully can accuracy the other. Now OL-Pulse has probably set all defence tokens to red and the other two ships fire. HIEs go off using Veteran gunners to fish for crits. Shields fall or all contains are discarded. Repeat next turn eliminating braces and piling on double face up card volleys with XX9s and Dodonna choosing all sorts of nasty crits such as Can't redirect from a down shield, structural damage or halving the enginieering value. 

The SSD isn't that likely to get double accuracy and reasonable damage in the same shot to shut down the Liberty double braces. Solar Corona makes this even more safe. Targeting beacons give you rerolls of blue dice to fish for crits and the SSD base is so large that he will probably be near one most of the time. Planetary Ion Cannon just increased the firepower by 12 blue dice in a game and may tweak an SSD defence token or two. 



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58 minutes ago, RogueCommander said:

Luke whiffs for me I much it’s crazy. Beyond that, with Norra I figured I’d load up with those B Wings instead. 

With bomber command center are you sure?

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Good list I think anything that's main malfunction today is that it's too slow will do well against the SSD just because it's so easy to get to so yeah Peltas, B-Wings, VIC-1. Dodonna will do good as well, it doesn't matter then if it still has half it's hull left any ship with 4-5 quality face ups should essentially be crippled. 

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