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Resources for building smaller games?

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Hi All,

I’m not really sure the best place to post this so I figured I would try here.  The short version is I’m collecting and painting Rebel and Imperial factions for Legion but I’m not really a competetive player.  I’d just like to get some games in once in a while.  My brother doesn’t own an Legion stuff but he’s happy to play with me.  But since he’s unfamiliar with the rules a full 800 point game takes us about 6 hours and then causes burnout.

What I’m looking for are recommendations about smaller scale (300-500 pt?) Legion setups that are good for getting some turn and game practice that still let you enjoy the game.  I find the practice scenario with the core set to be pretty dull, so I thought I’d see what people suggest here.  Advice on building playable and fun smaller scale force combinations and on what objectives/scenarios to build are appreciated.  I have at least one of everything except the Imperial tank at this point so I should have decent ability to put together interesting armies on this scale.

I’d love to hear about any outside resources I might reference as well.

Thanks in advance for any help.



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Check out the Operations list on FFG's Legion landing page. It contains exactly what you're looking for, and in some cases, has a nifty little narrative campaign style of play.

Take the Hill is for 500 points.

Deep Jungle begins at 300 points, and expands from there.


I routinely play these at home for fun, just solitaire, and making up little narratives as I go along.



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