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Fighter wings- what formations will you use?

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Although maybe that is what the other formation tools are for...


So you could have:

6 small

4 medium

2 large

That makes sense to me anyway.

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On 7/25/2019 at 3:24 AM, heychadwick said:

What won't I make Wings out of?!?

I can finally use my 6 Tie Bombers!

Same here. 

12 TIE l/ns

3 TIE bombers

4 Y-wings

5 Z95

6 X-wings

6 Kihraxzes

6 Scyks (might have actually 7 (they are fun to paint), not sure, not at home right now).


Wonder how it works with Strikers? Just boosting before hand, really far move for the outermost ship of the wing in a bank-boost + 3 bank curve.


If the medium wings are 4 ships, 4 M12L Kimogilas would be expensive but smash so hard out of the front with parallel dead to rights (I have only 2, though).


Another thing I am wondering. Xizor must be feeling pretty f'd now. Now in Epic via the different Squad leader cards every ace can have Xizor's ability, actually even better, taking away 2 damage, on top of still retaining their (often awesome, e.g. Vader) native ability. Would be good if there were a new Xizor card with a whole alternative ability in the Epic pack, but unfortunately pretty improbable. Ok we still do not any (if any?) point costs  for the leaders, and Xizor might get to take away 3 d(2+1) damage. While this makes him pretty hard to kill, 2+ native other ace ability is probably still better.

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