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I'm weary of losing to Ackbar and I'd like some suggestions

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It's taken a bit longer than anticipated for my opponent to return to his beloved Ackbar, but after being beaten when running Sato two weeks running he has reverted to type.


Tonight I am facing:

Defiance MC80 with Leading Shots, Enhanced Armament

AF2B with Flight Controllers, Boosted Comms

MC30c Scout Frigate with Derlin, ECM, Enhanced Armament, Foresight

GR75 with Leia officer, Repair Crews, Boosted Comms

Wedge, Rogue Squadron, 3 x X-Wing

Shara Bey, 3 x A-Wing.



My fleet is running Leia:

AF2B with Flight Controllers, Boosted Comms, ECM, SFO

Neb-B Escort with Yavaris, Fighter Co-Ord Team

Neb-B Support with Salvation, Dual Turbolasers

CR90B with Engine Techs, Reinforced Blast doors, Jaina's Light

CR90B with Engine Techs, Reinforced Blast doors

GR75 with Bomber Command Centre, Quantum Storm.

Wedge, 5 x X-wing

Norra, 1 x Y-Wing.


The objective is Intel Sweep, I am 1st player.



I'm hoping that with my high number of activations and my fast fleet I will be able to get the jump on his slow methodical conga.  I am concerned about his fighter advantage but it all comes down to when you activate them I suppose. 






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Good luck, keep us up to date 😉


Just one part to note: Yavaris and FCT (Fighter Coordination Team) is a bit limited. The interaction is not working, when you want to use both. You cannot attack two times with Yavaris, and move the squadrons with FCT after the ship movement.

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An absolute fight to the death last night.  I made 3 mistakes over 3 turns, any one of which would have won me the game.  A huge amount of ramming happened.  All my ships parked in front of his and he hadn't taken any maneuver dials at all ( 1 out of 24 for the whole game) so his ships were stuck.  I managed to wipe out his fighters and still had 5 of my 8 left.


Good things -

Rammed the **** out of his MC80 with both CR90s delivering a total of 8 damage over 2 turns but he managed to squeeze a repair in, which saved it until Yavaris got a lucky bow shot which finished it off.  He got pretty peeved at losing Ackbar to ramming!


Bad things -

I forgot about my skilled first officer on my assault frigate, which would have meant I could have had an engineering dial and saved it and won the game. 

I don't think I got value out of Leia except when Yavaris pulled squadrons and when I was taking engineering commands.  Maneuver dials under Leia give you extra speed but I wasn't using it on my AF and Nebs, just my CR90s - and they didn't really need it either.

It was a very exciting match. It came down to the last shot on turn 6 which is never a bad way to end.  Technically it was a defeat but I didn't have that hopeless feeling that I have had against Ackbar before.






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