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Card Pack Speculation

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18 hours ago, ClassicalMoser said:

B-6 Prototype Title for the B-Wing:

+1 Agility

"Reduce the difficulty of your basic maneuvers"

Add Gunner Slot.

14 points.


Composite Laser Beam Double-cannon upgrade:

Bullseye attack, 6 dice.

Attack: Spend three charges and gain 3 ion tokens to perform this attack. Turn all [hit] results to [crit] results.

After you engage, if all your charges are active, lose all of your charges.

3 charges, recurring. 8 points.


Hera Syndulla - Phoenix Leader

Initiative 5, B-Wing and A-Wing.

"You can perform actions and execute red maneuvers while you have 2 or fewer stress tokens. After you fully execute a blue maneuver, remove all of your stress tokens."


Something for the B-Wing's cannons would be nice, but I'm beginning to think it would be unnecessary if the cannons actually had reasonable costs (2-4 pts). Maybe more Sensor options to help with bullseye?

I see where you're coming from, Here did fly the **** out of that B6, but don't really see dial improvements as the way to go. But I do agree overall, b-wings need a "thematic" rework involving both firepower and their propensity to rotate

My take:

  • Config
    • Cannons platform
      • Turret indicator, may only rotate left/right
      • You may check || for cannons by placing the template outside the left/right dimples if turret rotated left/right
      • You may rotate while you maneuver or BR
    • Gunner platform
      • Same as above except:
        • Gives a gunner slot and cost a cannon slot
        • The mobile || applies to gunner/EPT instead of cannons
          • Allows substitute of || for turret arc for gunner upgrades
  • Sensors
    • Gyroscopic Capacitors (Bwing only)
      • Basically, barrel roll "storage" that gives a sort-of Adv/Passive Sensor combo but for BR only
      • 1 charge capacity, no regen, starts spent
      • Anytime you would do a BR action, you may instead recover this charge
      • Before of after you maneuver you may spend the charge to do a BR action even if you are stressed
  • Misc
    • Some good gunner (Sabine ocf) and something to make the double cannon slot worth filling for cannon config (BOGO, 2slot cannon, etc)


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1 hour ago, Marinealver said:

This is worse than conversion kits. and with rotation being a thing not only will you have to have an model that may be out of print but now you need the most up to date card pack.

What's wrong with the card packs?  O_o

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And what the **** does rotation have to do with anything?

All the pilots in the card pack are for 2.0 re-released (and therefore Hyperspace legal and readily available, not out of print) ships.

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