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thinkbomb mini paint thread - cave spiders

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Ran into a unique problem, figured I'd get your feedback.  (sorry for the blurry picture, camera wouldn't focus)


so, plan A was to base texture, prime, paint, etc.  ... but I started these at 10pm, was tired, and primed first.  whups.

thing is, I actually like this ghost-white effect that this habberdash xenithal rattlecan prime approach resulted in.  So ... after I touch up the spots the spray can missed I'll be leaving the spiders with a gray/white base shaded/highlighted from there.

Where it becomes a problem, and where I'm asking for advice, is what to do with the base at this point.  These spiders have a very low profile and the legs are really hard to paint under (especially for a rookie like myself) ... so I can't really handpaint on the cobblestone.

I'd exact-o knife off the spiders and do it by hand that way ... but I don't have a hobby-drill to pin in the mini yet.  8\

So yeah, what would you suggest I do for the base?  Goop in some GW-texture mud and hope for the best?

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