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Tauntauns and Vets

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Not animal vets but Rebel Veterans


Rebel Vanguard


Rebel Officer [50](55)
Strict Orders [5]

Jyn Erso [130](138)
Duck and Cover [8]
A-180 Pistol Config [0]

Rebel Veterans [48](81)
CM-O93 Trooper [31]
Recon Intel [2]

Mark II Medium Blaster Trooper [38](38)

Rebel Troopers [40](62)
Z-6 Trooper [22]

Rebel Veterans [48](79)
CM-O93 Trooper [31]

Rebel Troopers [40](62)
Z-6 Trooper [22]

Rebel Pathfinders [68](104)
Pao [22]
Duck and Cover [8]
A-300 Long Range Config [6]

Tauntaun Riders [90](90)

Tauntaun Riders [90](90)

Sabotaged Communications
Turning the Tide
Trust Goes Both Ways
Covering Fire
Complete the Mission
Standing Orders

Disarray, Battle Lines, Major Offensive, The Long March, 
Sabotage the Moisture Vaporators, Recover the Supplies, Key Positions, Intercept the Transmissions, 
Limited Visibility, Hostile Environment, Clear Conditions, Rapid Reinforcements


The main battle line consists of two rebel Veteran units, , two Z6 and the MK2 Emplacement. The idea is to place the veteran unit and the emplacment forward of your battle line possibly with the Pathfinders in support , preferably in cover and near an objective. Similarly , getting up near an objective with Jyn, possibly the same one as the pathfinders depending. This gives you 4 of your 10 units sitting as a vanguard, the pathfinders (as well as Jyn ) can be a real tarpit quite often, but if you can get off a an early range 3 strike with the pathfinders or Vets with the Mk2 you can get a very early advantage and put your opponent on the backfoot giving you a turn to bring up the two flankers to catch up with the vanguard. The MK2 may survive to give a turn 2 shot, if I doesn't it's drawn fire from the rest of your team. 

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