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Han and Vennie

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Hello all. 

I am trying to come up with a han and Vennie build. 

Because I really want to try and have some fun with resistance han and his power and I had some fun with Vennie last time I ran a resistance list and thought it would be a good tank like wing man. I am open to options of other support for han. 

This list was helped by the recent point drops. Thankfully :)


The list I have so far is 

Vennie (60)    
    Pattern Analyzer (5)    
    Perceptive Copilot (8)    
    Rey (14)    
    Veteran Turret Gunner (8)    
    Seismic Charges (3)    
    Proton Bombs (5)    
Ship total: 103  Half Points: 52  Threshold: 6    
Han Solo (Resistance) (71)    
    Heroic (1)    
    Rose Tico (9)    
    Finn (10)    
Ship total: 91  Half Points: 46  Threshold: 6    
Total: 194    
How I would try and set up this up is vennie to joust and han flanking and give the opponent a choice either go for Vennie or try and go for han. 

The only thing I may add is chewie crew on han. But I think I may get more use out of the 6 point bid. Not to sure at the moment. 


However open to any tips/ changes or new wing men/ people for han. 


Thanks for any advice. 


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