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My fleet was Dual Kuat + 2 with Screed and HIE / ACM / FCT



@racknut had Rieeken four ship. Crucially, he used DCO which totally borked my plan.


Here’s the IMGUR link with the end of round pics  



I won bid 396 to 399. I had SA so took first, hoping to get a good Last/First. I chose Solar Corona. I went with a neutral deployment. Maybe is should have put the Goz interior instead of exterior, but that aspect played out ok. He took advantage of my deployment to set the Corona side and come in from opposite direction, while having Rieeken in a safe location.


We were trading shots in the second round. My weakness was I built the fleet around critical and those were nullified by DCO and ECM. And I foolishly allowed flagship to get trapped again at close range. Racknut recurrently outmaneuvers me in this way. But I used SA and Kuat’s raw power as best possible.


And seeing my flagship was likely ultimately lost, I first killed the Hammerhead. In hindsight, and appreciating Riekeen better, I'm not sure that was the best strategic choice.  But I think it was. And my two squadrons having nothing to screen got a few hits in too.


I killed his Hammerhead in Round 3. He killed my Flagship next in round 3. I had decent but imperfect setup and pounded on his MC75 getting it to 8 of 9 Hull damage with my other Kuat. Had I not lost Screed, I could have killed it there in Round 4. He exited at speed 3 and landed on the station, getting to 7/9 Hull. I squadronated with my Goz, and got one hit from the two Aces, getting him back to 8/9 Hull damage. 


Which meant round 5 it came down to a single red die. He’d lost a Hammerhead.id lost a flagship. My remaining Kuat was just in Long range side arc to his MC75 side arc with 0 Hull. He’d tossed the redirect in Round 4. And his side was outside the Station, unobstructed. I was first player, so I could make this one attack with a red die.


And I rolled a hit! For once, the dice demons were on my side!


final score, 173 (Kuat) to 186 (Hammerhead & MC75). A single pip eked it out for me on points. 


It it was a nail biter. And his fleet we well tuned to combat mine. A little bit here or there and he’d have won with a big margin. 


While I like my fleet, against DCO it isn’t a good build. So I’ll have to cook up something suitable for next week’s game. 

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