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IMO, Kestal is still a disapppointment

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6 Tie aggressors with ion cannon turret is definitely something to watch our for! 

I played a capture the flag gamemode with all factions aloud and Obi One makes Jesse op

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Not about Kassell but the same ship so meh.

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I think the best comparison for Kestal is Seventh Sister. For ten more points you get a slightly worse chassis with an infinitely better ability that is trying to accomplish the same thing (neutralize defense dice). You can slap Seventh Sister into just about any list you like, no need for any specific support, and she'll zip around as a mini-ace blowing away blockers and/or getting cheeky damage in on any big ace who didn't respect her arc.

So, instead of using Kestal, just use Seventh Sister.

If the Aggressor's chassis is what is appealing, then pop a rookie in there and use it as a meaty blocker. Dial's certainly good enough for it to harass your opponent and the points-to-durability ratio is decent.

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The aggressor, in second edition, is missing some of the tools that made it viable in first edition. Sync-turret, TLT, Intensity, unguided rockets, and light weight frame, all made the aggressor playable. New missles, turrets, pilot skills would go a long way to boost this ship.

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22 hours ago, President Jyrgunkarrd said:

...I mean, on some level Kestal's point cost is an issue in the same way that I suppose any ship could be viable as long as it is given a heavy enough discount, but frankly her ability is so mediocre that I think anyone trying to build a list around it is hamstringing themselves.

It's too unreliable. You need to show active paint on dice that you can't spend a Focus on, which is never fun, or alternatively need to invest into Force modifications like Palp and/or Fifth Brother. You could also invest into a squad buddy who could toss her a TL and/or Focus (like Sai).

What would you get out of this investment? Those instances where Kestal is in range & arc of someone who relies on modified evasion dice instead of arc dodging (...so, not exactly a target rich environment), she can neutralize their Focus & blank results. They roll squiggles? Tough luck. They blank out without being capable of modifying their blanks? The ability is wasted.

There are a lot of match-ups where her ability will have 0 added value, and in those matches where her ability would be useful it is too dependent on everything aligning in your favor (when what you actually want is an ability that can tilt the scales in the opposite direction when things are going wrong or that can lock-in an early advantage).

She's chaff. Chaff is always going to exist in a game as big as X-Wing; use her as a point of study for understanding why some abilities that might look good on paper are actually pretty bad and move on with life.

Uhh... wow.  I enjoy taking on the challenge of trying to get a pilot to work, especially since sometimes that creates something really cool and/or powerful.  That's a big point of X-Wing, the variety and opportunity.  And I really like Kestal's ability, thematically and mechanically; with the right fix, she could be a strong check against the force, reroll, and token ships that often rule the meta.  A pilot doesn't have to be good against everything or not face counters to have a good place in the game; a proper threat is enough to shake things up.

Also Kestal doesn't have to be "chaff"; there are real things FFG could do to make the TIE Aggressor's named and generic pilots viable.  I like to experiment with all my ships, not just play the top meta, and when points updates come out I like to tinker with what's changed to see if junk has become viable, or if previously top-meta stuff is still effective, or if it's all a wash for some ships and a missed opportunity.  That's what this whole thread is about, and you're telling me to stop and "move on with life".  Huh.

You're really hostile and negative toward the idea of even discussing and experimenting.  I think you belong in a different thread.  I'd just prefer you leave.

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As soon as a better cannon comes out they will be much better I think. Like, I like Kestal and the Agressors, there are just things that can do more /better for less points. 

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Boy has had his input and we're looking at refining this.

Barrage Rockets are decent, even without her ability.

There are obviously things that are better than Kestal, such as squeezing Echo in, but she's a fun pilot and not that far off the power curve.

(47) Lieutenant Sai [Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle]
(4) ST-321
(4) Director Krennic
Points: 55

(46) Maarek Stele [TIE Advanced x1]
(1) Marksmanship
Points: 47

(35) Inquisitor [TIE Advanced v1]
(8) Supernatural Reflexes
(5) Cluster Missiles
Points: 48

(33) Lieutenant Kestal [TIE/ag Aggressor]
(8) Barrage Rockets
(9) Fifth Brother
Points: 50

Total points: 200

Several alternatives for 5th Bro. Afterburners for Maarek. Dorsal. Collision Detector for the Inq seems fun. Conc missiles might be good with a different approach, flipping Maareks crits back up. FCS could be dotted around. 

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I forgot about Barrage Rockets.  This would make an interesting flanker.  Swarm tactics on a high initiative ship would make him more effective.

 (31) "Double Edge" [TIE/ag Aggressor]

(8) Barrage Rockets

(3) Dorsal Turret

(7) Hotshot Gunner

(1) Crack Shot Points:

50  Total points: 50

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