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Inspector Jee

Lost Legends: "Elementalist" Question

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I just sent the following questions to FFG support:


I have two questions on cards published as part of the Lost Legends expansion of Descent 2nd edition.
1. Lorekeeper - All-Knowing
a) Can this card be used multiple times during a hero turn? According to the text on that card it does not exhaust. Thus, e.g. a Lorekeeper-Disciple with 4 Stamina could use this card to trigger Prayer of Healing 4 times per round. With Divine Fury that would result in adding 4 yellow attack dice to a hero's attack pool. A Lorekeeper-Apothecary could trigger Bottled Courage 4 times a round for 4 bonus attacks without spending an action. Is that intended?
b) Can All-Knowing target not exhausted cards? For example to reduce the fatigue cost to 0?

2. Elementalist - Nature's Fury
Blaze can be used "after dice are rolled". Nature's Fury triggers "when you use Blaze" and adds a yellow die to the attack pool. However, at that point of the attack dice have already been rolled. Can you please clarify how this is intended to work?

Thanks for your help,


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You missed my point. I was just listing one of dozens of examples of skills and combos that could be taken as OP in very specific conditions. But anyway, I have no experience as an overlord since I play solo most of the time. Therefore I can’t really argue against your point.

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For what it's worth I agree with Ren:  Lost Legends seems fine to me so far, aside from All-Knowing being able to target unexhausted cards (or to be used more than once per Turn).  The Elementalist can do a lot of different things, but its either going to be extremely fatigue intensive OR suffer less raw damage than its counterparts from Quest 2 through Quest 7.  That is plenty of time for the Overlord to milk those disadvantages.  The strategy is basically the same as countering Valyndra's Bane - choose Monsters with Ironskin whenever possible.  No Stun, no Pierce, and if you have a master Golem, no moving it.

- Jee

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