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Lost Legends RTL update release

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Out today biggrin.gif

New classes (with level 1 and 2 skills for pure classes and up to lvl 3 skills on hybrids)


Avenger - (warrior/healer) - skills: holy champion / vengeful smite / death from above

Raider - (warrior/scout) - skills: surprise assault / divide the spoils / close the gap



Soul Reaper - skills: spirit link / unholy bond / blight extration / cursed soul / ethereal armor / galvanize

Crusader - (healer/warrior) - zealous aura / righteous / divine light

Heretic (healer/mage) - skills: arcane healing / dark recovery / forbidden arts



Trickster (scout/mage) - skills: private collection / now you see me / arcane fusion

Ravager (scout/warrior) - skills: momentum / charging assault / vicious throw



Elementalist - skills: earth and sky / sun and sea / primal harmony /storm fury / volcanic might / spiritual balance

Thuthseer (mage/scout) - skills: true sight / translocation / precognition

Lorekeeper - (mage/healer) - skills: ancient remedy / careful balance / all-knowing

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