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I tested my dice...

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Don't get me wrong, if you're just going to add some nice oil and black pepper and some nice hard cheese--parmesan or pecorino or such--and maybe a fistful of herbs then oil in the water probably isn't a problem.

Now, whether or not you rinse your pasta after cooking is a trickier thing.  I generally won't unless I'm going for something like baked Macaroni and Cheese, where the extra starch isn't really needed with the bechamel sauce.

Bechamel tip: use Ghee (clarified butter, often found in the Indian or Middle Eastern section of larger grocery stores) instead of regular butter.  It melts so well, and the flour just dissolves into it so much nicer.  I've had a lot fewer lumps making bechamel sauces with ghee than regular butter.

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Privately held dice arent fair if someone wants to cheat, and they never have been.

I was shocked to learn that the term "cooking the dice" comes from heating dice to reshape them, which has apparently been going for centuries with wood, leather, and bone dice. warping them so the lowest side is slightly larger or denser will cause whatever number is facing up to become the most common roll. With todays plastic dice its done in the microwave, which i assume most poor sports have access to. really anyone could be cheating but those same anomallies can easily happen on accident as a result of tiny variations in manufacture, so how can you know?

And even using shared dice a motivated player could cheat.  A player could gain advantage by choosing shared sets that favored offence or defence knowing their strategy was prefered.  for example maybe stealth device is really gonna pull it weight if you cooked the green dice.  At the end of the day dice arent meant for fair competion, theyre for funsies.  You just have to hope no one is enough of a loser to cheat and have fun

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