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Mandelore of the Rings

Any luck with Wookie lists?

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So I was trying out a mostly wookie list this weekend.  It worked OK.  We were trying more of the IACP prices so I could bring in eWooks a bit more cheaply.  What I ran was:

Chewie with WA (11)

Drokatta (9)

eWooks (9)

C3PO (2)

Gideon (3)

Ko Tun (6)


I didn't spend much time on my CCs and I think they could have been a bit better.  I pretty much put in every wookie card and then some other fun stuff.  Any of you have luck with a good wookie list?

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I made the Quarter Finals of a Regional in 2017 using eWooks, along with Jedi Luke and Rebel Sabs, R2-D2 and Gideon This was when the Bantha meta was strong.

I used a single Wookie to solo a Bantha using Wild Attack with Wild Fury. Of course I knew that would leave him stunned and bleeding, so I used the other to run to Gideon who was holding New Orders. (I also had Rally in my hand, and Pummel).

I think I put 14 damage in the first wave of attacks, then on the next activation for them I used Rally to clear up, then Pummel to put another 6 damage through for the kill.

To say my opponent was stunned was a bit of an understatement.


Over the past 12 months I have seen a strong argument for including Chewbacca and Drokkatta, but the combined cost leaves you out in too many other places.  I've also seen Chewie go down to Jedi such as Ahsoka in a single activation, but the best use of Drokkatta I've seen was using the Heavy Fire skirmish upgrade which I had always ignored.  Admittedly, you want to include Unshakeable and Trusted Ally on C-3PO, as well as including Rally, but it was decimating Riot Trooper squads, and of course, you can still drop debris even if you are stunned, since it is not an attack.

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