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What ships do you want to see in hyperspace?

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1 minute ago, Caduceus01 said:

Until the newer factions catch up I think the question should be what ships need to leave Hyperspace. Every faction should be as equal as possible in ship count there.

FFG have hinted at a rotation. ships in and ships out. based on current rebel beef meta the B-wing could rotate out but who knows. FFG can adjust points of pilots themselves and effectively nerf the Wedge+BBU+Leia crew rebel beef squad. It would be sad to see the X-Wing ship itself not in hyperspace but they could do that right?

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Posted (edited)

4-5 ships per faction max, available re-released content only. 


  • Tie Advanced x1
  • Tie Advanced v1
  • Tie Fighter 
  • Tie Striker 
  • Tie Reaper or Decimator 


  • T-65
  • B-Wing
  • Y-Wing
  • YT-1300
  • VCX or U-Wing 


  • Firespray
  • Fang Fighter
  • Syck
  • YT1300 or Jumpmaster
  • Z95 or Miner Tie 


  • T70
  • RZ2A
  • YT1300 ( exception to re-release rule ) 
  • Shuttle

First Order

  • Silencer
  • SF
  • FO
  • Upsilon ( exception to re-release rule ) 


  • Jedi
  • Torrent
  • Arc 170
  • N1
  • Y-Wing


  • Vulture
  • Infiltrator
  • B22
  • Hyena
  • Nantex

Lets make this format as welcoming as possible to new players. Episode 9 is on its way. Time to get ready. 
Move to a 6 ship max once everything catches up. 

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