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Other Runebound Shards

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I have found that staying with the Lesser Shard template and keeping the named shards rare prevents the game from becoming "just use a shard" for each character.  It seems to be a big hit with the group as the runes retain a special and treasured property. As for the activations, I think of odd utilities to diversify their problem and puzzle-solving toolbox. Here are some of the one my group has found:

  • Stone of Sickness
    • Implement: Add the Enervate modifier once without increase the difficulty of a Curse spell.
    • Activation: One target within short range adds +2 Setback die to their next Resilience check this scene or encounter. Cannot be used on the same target more than once per encounter or scene.
  • Shard of Needles
    • Implement: Add the Deadly modifier once without increasing the difficulty of a Attack spell.
    • Activation: May pierce a hole the size of a small nail in a surface of soft leather or weaker within short range (GM's decision).
  • Aegis Rune
    • Implement: Add the Additional Target modifier once without increasing the difficulty of a Barrier spell.
    • Activation: One target within engaged range gains either +1 Ranged Defense or +1 Melee Defense until the end of their next turn (users choice).
  • Liars Spiral
    • Implement: When using the Utility spell to disguise oneself as someone else they have seen within the last day, add +2 Boost die to the Deception check. Disguise lasts a number minutes equal to 5 times the user's ranks in Lore.
    • Activation: Gain +2 Boost and +1 Setback to your next Deception check

Hope this was helpful.

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Note, the RoT book also describes legendary "Stars", which seem to be even more powerful runestones (or bigger pieces of Timmoran's original Orb). I've actually done a little on those, but it's marked as "Secret" in my campaign site, to keep it away from the players' eyes. As a lark, I based them on the "Treasures of Rule" from the old cartoon Pirates of Darkwater....including a Compass to help find them. (part of the storyline of the campaign).


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