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Machine languages

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The Cant Mechanicus refers to the number of strange dialects spoken by the Tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus that blend the machine tongue with those of the wider human race. These include Binharic cant, Lingua-technis, Hexamathic code, Noospheric bleed and Novabyte, amongst many others. Few outside the Adeptus Mechanicus can comprehend these tongues, let alone reproduce them.

All these languages have their roots of origin in lost glory of Dark Age of Technology.

Binharic cant: (Requires Tech-use)
-Based on holy zero and one.
-Used for transmission of bursts of small data packets.
-Pure binary language that is used in liturgies and chants of Mechanicum.
-Universally understood by any individual or object with Imperial machine trait.
-Precise and robust digital signal that is perfect to use in combat situations but slow to use when large amounts of data is transmitted.
-Human can speak it but non-augmented vocalized binary data transmission is extremely slow.

Lingua-Tecnis: (Requires Tech-use)
-Machine to human interaction language.
-Representational language developed to ease interaction of STC technology and humans.
-Can be used by humans to interact with entities with Imperial machine trait.
-Can be communicated without augmentation.

Noospheric bleed: (Requires Forbidden lore Adeptus Mechanicus or Archeotech and MIU implant)
-Machine to machine interaction and digital reality description language.
-Used to perceive and interact within Noospheric space, STC digital environment invented during dark age of technology and adopted by Mechanicus priesthood.
-Can be used to interact with entities, both human and machine, if they have MIU implant.
-Impossible to speak or understand without MIU implant.
-Breaking Noospheric connection abruptly may cause momentary disorientation for those who are still connected.
-Perfect for transmissions of large quantity of data.
-Extensively used by troops of Mechanicus. Magos Dominus is positioned to top of Noospheric hierarchy and is able to perceive it's surroundings through sensor- and datafeeds connected to Noospheric space.

Hexamathic code: (Requires Forbidden lores: Mechanicus/Archeotech and Warp/Xenos)
-Descriptive language to analyze and interact with data emitted by Immaterium and non-Imperial technology.
-Necessary to master if one wants to build interface between imperial and Warp/Xenos technology.
-Can be used to interact with Xeno entities with machine trait.
-Impossible to speak without proper augmentation (Machine trait).
-Warp engine, gellar fields and other warp related components require this code to work.
-Code has hexagrammatic warding embedded within that aims to filter harmful signals of non-Imperial source.

Novabyte: (Requires Forbidden lore: Archaotech)
-Core programming language of STC technology. Can be used to alter functions of cogitators, data-cubes and other Imperial technologies.
-Imperial STC technologies are infused with Novabyte command lines when they are produced at factoriums. It is forbidden to alter those command lines. Techpriests who are able to understand this language use their knowledge to purge Imperial systems of digital viruses and scrapcode.
-It is forbidden of Tech-priests to use Novabyte to program something new, it must only be used to analyze and correct functions of existing Imperial STC systems.
-Holy language of the Omnissiah that can be used only for it's glory. If non-Mechanicus are known to use it, they are hunted down by Priesthood of Mars.


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My current campaign is partially revolving around origins of Imperial technology.

Noospheric space is based mainly on "Imperator: Wrath of Omnissiah" by Gav Thorpe.

Any ideas, sources or feedback is welcome.

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