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GenCon Scorpion Dinner for Villains info...

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The art for this year's mat is now on  proud display at the above link. Figured it's a good time to recap how the play mats work!

These play mats are produced for the Scorpion Clan Dinner for Villains at GenCon, and are available to anyone that is attending the Dinner, although we're happy to work with people if they're going to be at GenCon but can't attend the Dinner.

If you want a mat and aren't attending GenCon, try and find someone who is. We don't limit the number that each attendee can collect, so feel free to reach out and make your own arrangements.

The mats cost $20 each, with payment preferably by PayPal - please contact me for payment details. If you can't pay beforehand, we can accept cash on the day, but we'd really prefer to get the money before the event.

We will be ordering the mats on Monday July 15th to give time for them to be produced. This means that only orders received by that date will be guaranteed a mat. We try and order a few extra for last-minute orders, but they go very, very quickly and can't be counted on.

If you have any questions, please PM me or post on here.


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Last call for Dinner for Villains play mats. If you want one, let me know before I put my order in tomorrow.

If you asked for a mat more than two weeks ago, please do me a favour and check with me to make sure your name is down - had some computer issues and don't want anyone to miss out. Cheers!

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