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CroudBuild - Crane/Crab/Mantis

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Howdy, folks! I thought I'd combine a couple of ideas into one, and if y'all have a good time, then I'm open to other goof ideas.

Idea #1 - I'm not a hardcore oldschool Mantis guy, but I like the Mantis cards coming out now. I also noticed that Kyuden Kakita is pretty open-ended. So, I had this idea to build a Mantis-heavy deck out of this stronghold. Why do I think this'll work? Patience, children, patience.

Idea #2 - Often folks will work on deck lists, and then post them here. Which is great, don't get me wrong. But what if the hivemind were to build the deck from the ground up? So, I'm going to post a partial deck list, some parameters and thoughts, and I thought we could all decide what goes into the deck! 

Why use Kyuden Kakita to build a Mantis deck? Check out the cards.

  • Kyūden Kakita - Honors the character whether they won or lost.
  • Armament Artisan - Honors himself after you honor someone else.
  • Aspiring Challenger - Built-in duel. See where this is going?
  • Kudaka - Loves Air conflicts. Who else loves Air conflicts? Crane!
  • Yoritomo - Hey, you know that fate Kudaka just earned you? Yeah.

It's unfortunate that, withe the current roles, we can't include either Mantis Seafarer OR Mantis Tenkinja, because either one of those would also be a pretty cool inclusion for this deck, especially the Tenkinja.

Ok, but why Crab for the splash? Pathfinder's Blade. Crane's rocking a Seeker role either way you go, and it's such a good card it's Restricted. Bummer that other good Crane cards just got pinned to the Restricted board, but it is what it is. And can you really go wrong with Reprieve? Also, Watch Commander. Spreading the Darkness. The Hiruma brothers, Ambusher and Skirmisher. All good splash cards.

Last, but not least, I love the story implications of this deck. The way the Mantis have been raiding Crane to sell to Crab. I thought it'd be funny if they all got their **** together for the greater good (the greater good).

So, those are the rules! Let's all build a Crane/Crab/Mantis deck, just for fun, and see what happens! 

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CURRENT DECK LIST (will be updated periodically)

Can't we all just get along?
By: The community!

Kyūden Kakita  (Masters of the Court)
Seeker of Void

Magistrate Station  (Elements Unbound)
Market of Kaze-no-Kami  (Masters of the Court)
Massing at Twilight  (Fate Has No Secrets)
Shameful Display  (Core)
The Art of Peace  (Core)

Character (12)
3  Armament Artisan  (Masters of the Court)
3  Aspiring Challenger  (Children of the Empire)
3  Kudaka  (Breath of the Kami)
3  Yoritomo  (The Ebb and Flow)

Conflict (3)
Attachment (3)
3  Pathfinder's Blade  (For Honor and Glory)

Deck Built using https://www.bushibuilder.com

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I really think it may be better built out of Shiro Shinjo.  The 10 fate a turn once you've revealed provinces will probably be better then honoring characters from a duel.

You also get Keeper of Water that way so can run Tenkinja and the Shinjo Ambusher is better then Pathfinder's Blade since it isn't your restricted card so you can run Charge and Gaijin customs to get extra value out of a Yoritomo

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