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Contrast Paints for Space ships

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I had a go with them yesterday in the local Games Workshop. They had a full set and plenty of undercoated zombies and space marines for you to try them with.

Apothecary White is probably the most looked forward to. Over their reccomended Grey Seer undercoat it was a little less than white, too grey for my tastes so I'm eager to try it on a propper white undercoat instead. Hopefully good for my Star Wars Legion storm troopers but also X-wings and YT1300s. 

Black Templar is ok but shading black is always difficult. Easy to look ok but hard to look excellent. Again trying it over a mid/dark grey undercoat would be nice to try or maybe even a pale dull thunderhawk blue. The contrast paints are a lot less viscus than I imagined so this black is also good with a fine point brush for lining and trickling into cracks. Nice for the flexible joints at the back of a space marine's knees.

Fleshtearer Red was the outstanding winner in my view. A deep cherry red which works well over GWs grey and beige reccomended undercoats. 

Iyanden Yellow was a little dissapointing - looking a bit too orange in the recesses to get a brighter effect maybe try using a light lemon yellow as the basecoat. Dark Angels Green was nice so I'll get that too. 


The new base paint in a pot that colour matches the new spray undercoat was also excellent. Grey Seer is smooth and covers well and is a lighter shade than the current GW greys so may be perfect for a lighter tone for Star Destroyer basecoats. There are 2 blue-grey contrast paints in the range: Gryph Caharger Grey and Spacewolf Grey. I haven't tried these yet but would like to see their effects on the Grey Seer basecoat. 

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