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Finally got Fett painted

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I’m way behind in my models and my Rebels have taken priority because that’s the faction I play. But I finally got around to painting Boba Fett.  What a great model.  FFG made him as easy as possible to paint and it helps that in the Star Wars universe he’s a hot mess of cracked and scratched paint.  Anyway here’s my usual table top quality take on it.






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17 hours ago, Docgimmethenews said:

Decided to do a brighter green rather than OD???


Bold, I like it, good job!!!

Thanks man.  Yeah, the pictures make him look a little brighter than he seems in real life but I didn’t really want to try to make a bunch of drab, gray green metallic paints then try to differentiate them.  He’s a colorful character and I’m imagining him out in the sunlight not standing in Jabba’s throne room.

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