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Why no TIE FO swarms?

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5 minutes ago, Magnus Grendel said:

Doubly good. It means, as noted, no wasted shots from overkill.

I hadn't thought of that - that is a nice perk. PS is starting to look like a steal for 3 points.

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3 hours ago, heychadwick said:

Lieutenant Rivas (28)

TN-3465 (29)

“Muse” (31)

“Null” (31)

“Longshot” (32)

“Scorch” (34)
Total: 185

View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0


That's the cheapest 6 with 15 pts to spare.   

Yeah, this is just what I've been waiting for. The generics dropped quite a lot as well! Even with the shuttle nerfs, a Hux shuttle with 3-5 ships seems actually decent.

Also I've been thinking about Dormitz-HTD with 2 fanatical I4 silencers. Would make for an interesting Alpha and then you have a whole pincer-sandwich thing going between the silencers and the Shuttle. Late game would be very interesting.

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With the reduced costs, had a thought about a TIE/fo All-stars squad. (Partially resulting from the discussion on Static being a bit rubbish)


  • "Midnight"
    • Fanatical
    • Pattern Analyser
  • Commander Malarus
    • Elusive
  • "Scorch"
    • Crack Shot
  • "Static"
    • Crack Shot
  • "Muse"
    • Squad Leader
    • Biohexacrypt Codes

Muse is there mostly to manage Scorch or Malarus' self-stress abilities, but also to potentially give Midnight or Static the second action needed in one turn to make their abilities zing. Midnight is mostly vulnerable in engagement turn 1, when he has his crippling lock but no green tokens. Static needs the co-ordinate on that one turn where she has a bullseye, range 1 shot for three criticals and -1 evade - Muse can lock her so even if she's not in co-ordinate range when that comes up, the option is still there.

Malarus is mostly there to draw fire. Shoved in someone' face, hopefully they'll shoot at her, because with an evade token, elusive and her pilot ability she can eat a ridiculous amount of fire with little permanent damage.


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