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Casual Event Millennium in Rochester July 20th at 11am.

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No entry fee. Free give away to participants of Star Wars Armada promo cards, and Sling Paint accessories. Games will be played as a standard Swiss tournament where participants play 3 rounds with 400pt fleets.

* Everyone will receive a promo assault proton torpedoes upgrade card, either an X-wing squadron promo or Tie (interceptor or fighter) squadron promo depending on faction played, and set of 8 Sling Paint Command tokens ( 2 of each command type).*

* Players who qualify will receive an Early Warning System upgrade card with corresponding Sling Paint Chaff token, a Demolisher/Home One promo ship card, an additional set of 8 Sling Paint Command tokens ( 2 of each command type), and an Star Wars Armada 2016 Initiative Challenge metal coin. *

Keep it casual, have fun. All welcome. I have reserved the private game room at Millennium in Rocheste for July 20th. If you have any questions ask here.

** If you haven't played the game and are interested, let me know, and we can show you how to play before the event.  **

** If you are light on ships, squadrons, or cards, let me know what you need and you can borrow one for use in this event. **

More details coming soon. Feel free to ask questions. Looking forward to seeing everybody!



***Note I removed some of the previous concepts to keep things simply being a first event. I like trying to to different things, but I think that is something best worked up too.

 I am asking Spectre8174 and WigTii from these boards to facilitate this, as they have been working on building the Armada group at Millennium. ****


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Simplify the event

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I can play on June 22.

There are large Legion events on both July 20th and July 6+7 (Syracuse) so you may want to avoid those date. I'll at least be at the Legion event in Syracuse on July 6+7 and may be going to the July 20th event (in Ontario; Rally Point Qualifier).

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