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Happy Friday

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death star I

in such a big station, there are lots of peaceful places you can send yourself "on guard duty" during alerts, like, the main tractor beam switch-off station! Plus, static are wreaking listening devices so easily that you can geek with your fellow guard without any CO ever knowing it... (or outside guard duty! there you can gape at stars with a good reason, and look at smugglers getting brought in for questioning)

in all it's just a few weeks (perhaps a month?) assignment, and you get a fiery, warm, goodbye party

but anyway, what's with "Death Star"? How can you have any system accept its presence with such a crappy naming?? Let's brand it so: "A New Hope", War Orphanage, Kitten shelter and Bunny rehab station

this way, any Sociopath that attacks it will immediately get stuck with its anarchist tag, never to loose it!

gounour, the Empire sucks art Branding

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