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Kildarth leads the zombies forward?

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What is the community consensus on what this means? This is from the Kindred Fire Finale. The text at the start of the quest and after each rounds states, "At the end of each round, Kildarth leads the zombies forward." However, it doesn't clearly state what it means.  It also doesn't automatically activate them an extra time each round on the monster track so I'm confused. I chose to just play it as flavor text buy I'm curious.

Is it:

a. just flavor text reminding you that Kildarth is the zombie master?

b. an extra move action for zombies who normally have Shambling?

c. an extra activation?


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I checked this out, and it is indeed a very strange occurence. There is just the text at the end of each round. My guess would be, that the text should have been followed by a forced activation of the zombie group.

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