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RR 1.04 is out

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I just realized exactly what kind of Scum shenanigans this allows - witness the jank!!!!

Quadrijet Transfer Spacetug - •Unkar Plutt - 60
    •Unkar Plutt - Miserly Portion Master (33)
        •Boba Fett (4)
        Conner Nets (6)
        Feedback Array (4)
        Static Discharge Vanes (8)
        Pattern Analyzer (5)

Modified TIE/ln Fighter - •Foreman Proach - 37
    •Foreman Proach - Slave Driver (32)
        Swarm Tactics (3)
        Electronic Baffle (2)

Modified TIE/ln Fighter - •Overseer Yushyn - 33
    •Overseer Yushyn - Overbearing Boss (26)
        Hull Upgrade (7)

Fang Fighter - •Fenn Rau - 70
    •Fenn Rau - Skull Leader (68)
        Predator (2)

Total: 200/200


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9 minutes ago, AngryAlbatross said:

so with replacement effects changing, does that mean Black One and Static Discharge Vanes can work together now?

Yes, it does. Keep in mind that's an 8-point upgrade for a one-time use though. Resistance doesn't get chopper :(

Edited by ClassicalMoser

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