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800p Jyn, Leia, Sabine

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So trying out some of the operative and trying to make her work with Jyn which is a favourite and tossing Leia in there for good messaure.

Empahsis on combating the suppressive game a lot of Imperial list revovle around but also just suppression in general.

Would you change any command cards?

Tried to cut points where ever I could, might miss that darksaber a lot though...
Might just go 8 activations and make the activatios I have more powerful.

Leia Organa [90](90)

Jyn Erso [130](146)
Duck and Cover [8]
Emergency Stims [8]
A-180 Rifle Config [0]

Sabine Wren [125](144)
Hunter [6]
Emergency Stims [8]
Electro Grappling Line [5]

Fleet Troopers [44](86)
Scatter Gun Trooper [23]
Rebel Officer Upgrade [19]

Rebel Troopers [40](80)
Z-6 Trooper [22]
2-1B Medical Droid [18]
Rebel Troopers [40](62)
Z-6 Trooper [22]

Rebel Troopers [40](50)
Rebel Trooper [10]

Rebel Pathfinders [68](98)
Pao [22]
Duck and Cover [8]

Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) [16](44)
DH-447 Sniper [28]
Coordinated Bombardment
No Time for Sorrows
Trust Goes Both Ways
Complete the Mission
Somebody Has to Save Our Skins
Standing Orders

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It would honestly surprise me if that list is doing well against a fairly reasonable imperial player. Suppression is annoying, but my impression is you got too committed to  that problem and neglected other aspects of the game far too much (for example raw output, activation count, footprint on the board, area control and so on).

I do not think Jyn and Sabine have a lot of synergy. Jyn is quite overpriced for what she does. If she does not complement a specific list with her abilities and capabilities she will be a liability. Both Jyn and Sabine  are  good at playing the objective, so I assume on the board they are a little bit redundant. There are only few things Sabine could not do alone without Jyns support.  In general the list has a lot of points in assets that are focussed on playing the objective. Jyn, Sabine and Pathfinders make up close to 50% of your list. Leia leans towards support, so you have less than 40% of your list left for other aspects of the game .

Concerning command cards... I would definitetly go for just two Commanders/Operatives. I hate to pay premium points for a single mini and then leave one or two command cards at home.

Your ranged output basically relies on the Fleets, two Z6, one sniper and the pathfinders.  That would actually not be that bad if there would not be other weaknesses as well.  The Fleets and Sabine (if she would have the darksaber) are the only assets for area control, so you cannot scare an aggressive opponent away from areas that are critical to the mission.  The list also has a relatively low wound count with mostly white dice. If Bossk and Deathtroopers are just killing stuff left right and centre, you cannot remove suppression any more from your slain units, and they can focus the slightly more resilient parts of your list that are supposed to play the mission.


Short version: Jyn sucks and I think Sabine/Leia/Pathfinders rather enhance her weaknesses than reduce them.


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I always say try it and have fun!

If you’re looking to make it more competitive but still keep all three heroes, I’d recommend dropping the Pathfinders and swapping in a 2nd Sniper Strike Team then build out (5) Z-6 Trooper squads. That’d get you to 10 activations.

Maybe drop the Officer and Med droid?

Or maybe swap the Officer for a 2nd Med Droid to keep those heroes alive longer?

Maybe Sabatuers instead of Snipers?!

I like the idea of a list built around the three lady heroes!

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