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List Breakdown-Kethra Gun

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Spined Threshers [48] 2x2
ThuUk Tar and Gorgemaw (S) [19]
Scuttling Horror [3]
Total Unit Cost: 70

Kethra Alaak [34] 1x1
Bonecaster [8]
Total Unit Cost: 42

Obscenes [27] 2x1
Dispatch Runner [7]
Total Unit Cost: 34

Viper Legion Archers [33] 2x2
Cacophony Reaver [6]
Fire Rune [7]
Rallying Shrieker [4]
Simultaneous Orders [2]
Total Unit Cost: 52


I had a chance to play this a couple of months ago. My goals were to get some of the units that I hadn't put on the table yet on the table, and to make as much use as possible of new units.

First, I've really found that 4 units is the sweet spot for Uthuk.  You can go less, but where everything is just a touch more expensive, it is just better to make the most of what you've got rather than watering them down too much. 

There's also some synergy here in that Spined Threshers can end activation, generate panic, and then Viper's can cue off the panic to add surge damage.  The Dispatch Runner can either trigger Kethra's ranged or the Spined Threshers, which are now boosted to a third red die with Gorgemaw.

The overall footprint is low, so there's a decent chance that Kethra and the Vipers all target the same thing on a given turn.  And while we're talking about average damage in the other thread, you'll be around 18, with the potential for a lot more depending upon panic tokens/surges, and how good of a draw you get on Cacophany Reaver.  Still, there aren't too many units that take 18 damage on a turn very easily.  And in the right circumstances, the same can be said with a Gorgemaw boosted Thresher 2x2 block that is in-turn receiving Dispatch Runner.

One could also make the case that Devouring Maws regenerating through Dispatch Runner is extremely powerful, especially since you can take a wound through the Gorgemaw figure ability to re-position as needed.

Health is only 82, but the repositioning and DR antics give you the jump on a lot of opponents.

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A few other notes:


-Dispatch works on Kethra’s ranged attack. So you can also put out two ranged attacks during init3. You’re going to do all of a mortal and 8 damage on average, but it would take out a derpy 2 tray something or clear out a solo siege blocker  

-I’ve got the list around 26 damage without including dispatch runner. I’m also not including Kethra’s growths as a damage source. So the damage output is low on paper but reliable dispatch runner will get you up into normal.

-82+1 protected is normal HP. It seems 80-90, maybe 80-100 is normal. There might be a problem when half of that is a single unit. Though your two damage dealers are your tankiest units, so it is much better than it could be. 


Personally, I just don’t like Bonecaster. Ignoring the init3 (which is significant), vipers outperform her for the cost. For 3 points more, you do two attacks (6.7 and 3.7 on average) compared to her 1 (4+mortal) and have almost twice the HP. She only really outperforms when you include the interaction with dispatch runner and start throwing multiple shots at early initiative.


As for the list, I don’t see much to change. Every upgrade has a clear purpose and no unit will really just flop without support. 

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Wow, I really like this force.  Incredibly flexible- it can do damage at range, and that Thresher unit will command a ton of respect.  I also like the Viper unit (besides the fact that the figures are cool looking!).  I find their damage to be a bit light for my liking but with Cacophany and Fire Rune, you’ll get there if the runes don’t hate you.

The thing I like about the Kethra build is how she fits into your force.  She can support you at range or mix it up.  She might be better at one or the other, but you have to give something up for the flexibility of being able to do both.

Do you find yourself a bit challenged in the token scooping missions?  You have enough units to squat on a couple of objectives, I guess, so maybe it’s an unfounded concern...

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I think I can answer some of those from looking at the list.


- This list suffers at token grabbing missions. Only 4 dials and no fluff means you have basically no freedom to take a unit out to run around. 

-That being said, Kethra’s the one to use for tokens. You can use her init8 shift 2 or her init6 shift 1 to collect nearby tokens while triggering her skill.


@Vergilius can correct me if I’m wrong.

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Building for missions is another matter entirely.  At the moment, I tend to think of missions only in the back of my mind, but otherwise build for the straight up fight.  Since I'm only getting casual play with one other opponent at the moment, and not really prospects for the competitive landscape, I can afford to play something that looks conceptually fun.  But if you have objectives and deployments announced for a tournament, this might not cut it.  Casually, the difference between 9-2 and 7-4 is just not that big.  You won.     Still, everything about the list is efficient.


Regarding math.  I used to have a bunch of excel documents where I had almost everything that I'm likely to play mathed out.  Yes, the health does feel very normal.  I am finding most lists tend to be in the 80-90 range.

Damage:  What I find is that when I look at the average damage on a list, even a total like 26, especially when not counting DR, is enough to knock down most units.  What this list can do is concentrate some very heavy attacks all on the same target.  For example, the Thresher unit hitting a melee unit, then hitting it again, can sometimes just absolutely pulverize it.  The heavier ones might have a few trays left, but often the retaliation is minimum.  Then the Thresher unit turns around and does the same to something else.  Taking a wound with Gorgemaw to reposition is useful so frequently.   Likewise, the mere fact that you get an extra 4 damage out of Kethra can be extremely useful.  As @Church14 points out, you might just drop the key 2x1.  I've also found that by the time you do 8+Mortal plus the Viper Attack on the same melee target, that it can also just absolutely fold.


This list would have some weakness to the Latari list I posted, since that list is rolling hard toward Green runes and away from red ones.  It also has a ton of range and some solid walls of staying power.  So you're probably looking at a blood bath, with whoever gets the jump due to initiative winning the engagement.

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I guess part of my lack of criticism for the list is because I run a similar 4 dial list and found it reliable. Mine differs a bit as I concentrate a bit more into two units.


-6 tray rally/fire Rune viper star

-2 tray dispatch Obscene

-1 tray Thresher

-a heavy combat unit. 


Which is a bit higher damage output and 51 HP before the combat unit. But I lose the potential flexibility of having a second good option to dispatch

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I've been really happy with dispatch kethra.  She's got the ability to murder those opponents lighter units that are grabbing objectives.  Dispatch will let her get a first strike off, and likely two more rounds of shooting the next turn.  While the damage output is better with some other options, Kethra is really easy to get where you need her, and her timing means you can triple tap a single enemy before they can respond.

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