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The Perfect Storm

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Great game with @Hetzen tonight. 

Although it was me on the receiving end of the perfect storm!

i took a “niche” (is probably the best way of describing it) list 3 x VSD, Screed, nk-7 ion cannons on each, with Gunnery Teams, QBTs and DCaps. 

I faced a Rieekan list with CR-90, new-b, Pelta, gr75 and a load of squadrons nym, another scurgg, b wings, x wings, couple of vcx and i’m Sure one or two others., 

Knew I was up against it, but wow those bombers are tough and dish damage that just eats shields and hull. Not to mention defence tokens (nym is my new hate figure! 🤣😂)

lost one VSD Turn 3, another Turn 5, and the last turn 6, which was a tabling! Being in tug boat VSDs, I couldn’t get away from them.

i managed to get the gr75, Pelta and Nebulon in return, but loss was 207 points.

Note to self, learn to play bloody squadrons! No more squadronless antics.

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It was a good game. My Nym, Numb list struggles against a good fighter screen. Looking back at how I played, I think I could of done better. I activated some of my ships in the wrong order to get the most out of Adar Talon and Yavaris. I could have possibly brought Toryn and BCC in quicker too.

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