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Relaxed Tier Unofficial Tournament Custom Rule Idea

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Bounty Hunter's and Rogues


I plan to organize a Relaxed Tier Unofficial Tournament. It would just be a standard Swiss tournament following FFG guidelines, except for the following rules. Being a Relaxed Tier event, I want to foster an environment that encourages more diverse play, allowing for other measurements of success than the leaderboard alone. With the goal being to bring together a mixed group of players, from casual to competitive, I feel like the event structure should reflect that. 

 I would appreciate feedback, is this something you would be interested in? Any suggestions on bounties or rogue fleet designations. ( Keep in mind each rogue fleet category would represent an additional prize pool & leaderboard, so the number must be kept to 4 or less, to ensure the ability to provide intriguing prizes as rewards, the Bounty Hunter would represent only one large additional )

When players register for the tournament, they must choose to play as either a Bounty Hunter or Rogue Player. In addition to all normal FFG rules they must abide by the following rules

Bounty Hunter

*Unless your Opponent Qualifies as a Rogue Player, anytime you remove from the game one of the below bounties add the corresponding pts to your total score for that game. Additionally, you qualify to win prizes based on the total bounties collected in the tournament.


Demolisher 3 pts, Yavaris 4 pts , Avenger 4 pts

Bail Organa 6 pts, Pryce  6 pts

Toryn Farr  9 pts, Brunson 9 pts

MJ 12 pts (any 2 of Maarek, Morna, and/or Jendon you must kill both)

MMJ 20 pts (you must kill all three, does not stack with MJ you either get MJ or MMJ)

Rogue Player

*For each category you qualify for you will compete against other fleets in total score for prizes awarded to that category. You can not collect bounties and your opponents can not collect bounties from kills against your fleet. A player registered as a Rogue Player must qualify in at least one or categories below.

Rogue Commander - (your fleet commander must be one of the following)

Sato,Bel Iblis,Cracken,Mothma,Organa


Rogue Squadron  - (your fleet list can not contain any unique squadrons)

Rogue Agressor Fleet - (you may only have ships in your fleet whose name has at least one of the following words or phrases in it’s title: “combat”, “assault”, “torpedo”, “Support”, “Class I”)

Rogue Command Fleet -  (you may only have ships in your fleet whose name has at least one of the following words or phrases in it’s title: “command”,  “scout”, “Cymoon”, “Carrier”)

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