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Ideas for Old Republic One Shot revolving around the Battle of Malachor V

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Hey there 😃

I'm currently trying to come up with a Oneshot for my Campaign Group.

The Ideas I have so far are as follows:

  • Set in the Old Republic Era 
  • The Idea was of the Playergroup being a small, elite Strike Team of Jedi, Elite Soldiers and Mercenaries/Bounty Hunters. (The characters will be PreGens at "Master" Level)
  • My Idea for the Culmination of the Oneshot was for the players defeating the Big Bad (probably a High Ranking Sith Lord) or destroying a strategically important target/ship to turn the battle in the favour of the republic but then be possibly killed by either the Mass Shadow Generator or that "new" Superweapon from the new Canon Interpretation of Malachor V. 
  • Idea behind the Oneshot Characters dying or being petrified (which would be cool) is, that my Campaign Group will stumble upon the planet where the Oneshot took place thousands of years ago and they might even find their other character's remains there.

My problems are currently that:

  1. The Ideas I had so far are veeery combat heavy, I'd like there to be quite a bit of really epic combat, but I need contrast to that and that's where I got no Ideas currently.
  2. The new Disney Canon has made a mess of the Malachor V Lore and made me want to have a epic, petrified Jedi vs. Sith Battleground xD  
    But the Disney Canon does not give any Timeframe...
    I could probably just make up a Sith / Jedi War between the Mandalorian Wars and Jedi Civil War but I'm not really a fan of that. 


Has anyone run anything comparable or has ideas how to best approach this?


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I am actually running an in person game following a team of jedi crusaders in the mandalorian wars, and the campaign finale will actually be in the battle of Malachor V. 

This is my idea for the battle, feel free to use what you want from this (my sessions tend to run long so this may be more like 2 sessions of stuff rather than one, fair warning):

  • Star off with them arriving above the planets surface, high intensity space battle against mandalorian basilisks and ships to make it to the surface to help the ground forces. 
  • Join up with the republic forces and help break an attack against the mandalorians to protect the soldiers. 
  • Make their way across the planets surface on the orders of revan for an unknown reason (this can have some opportunity for environmental hazards, lightning storms etc. It can also show the scale of the battle happening around them if you want). 
  • The team receives orders to make their way to a downed ship on the planets surface that they have to defend while one of them works on the machinery inside the ship to fix it. This would be basically facing waves of attacks from mandalorians etc for X amount of time. 
  • For my players, I plan to actually reveal this is part of the activation for the mass shadow generator sued to wreck the planet. This may not be for everyone but you can easily change what it is they are protecting. 
  • When the generator is activated they would have to ry and flee to survive in a sort of chase scenario as the ground around them crumbles. This would be very high risk and is the most likely part to do some serious damage to the characters. 

If you wanted you could end the session with them surviving and surveying they carnage inflicted to win the war. If you want to add the jedi/sith petrification scene you could either replace the ship with the generator with the temple, and the activation of the generator with the party fleeing from whatever wave it is that turns everyone to stone. If you want to combine both, I'd personally say that's a more than one session thing, but you could try have the sith and mandalorians working together in the battle. 

As a twist I actually have a plan when the generator is activated that one of the players may run the risk of being hit by a blast of energy and become a wound in the force. The idea behind this is that they would actually become Darth Nihlus. Again this may not be for everyone, but I like the twist.  

Hope this was handy!

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