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Kitsune Impersonator and Shapeshifting

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So, the impersonator tradition from Emerald Empire lets a Kitsune turn into their true form or any natural animal of Silhouette 1-2. Does the Kitsune gain access to that form's abilities? If I change into a Boar, for instance, do I get its tusks and hide? What about its Fury ability? If I change into a bid ol' bird (yes I know as is there's no silhouette 1 bird, but....), can I fly and use its talons and Swoop ability?

As an aside, the Kitsune example on pg. 211 says their natural form's teeth deals Damage 3, Deadliness 5. Kitsune from the Beginner's Game are much different, seeming to just use the Bite unarmed profile but adding Razor-Edged. I figure their natural form is Silhouette 1 even though the Tradition says nothing about this, but how do we rule their fox teeth? Say forget it and just use the Bite profile from the core rules? Me thinks Emerald Empire needs a FAQ spot.

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Whatever you feel like, I don't think it breaks anything personally to allow them to use their form's stat, weapon, armor and relevant advantages and disadvantages (but I wouldn't allow special abilities and demeanor). That would be my way of handling it though.

This game is not about details other than when the designers decide to make it ultra detailed and tedious in the wrong places.

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Your true form is that of a large fox with up to eight tails if you are a full-blooded kitsune, or a human with certain vulpine traits if you possess human ancestry as well. As a Scheme and Support action, you may transform between your human and true forms, or into another silhouette 1 or 2 natural creature at the GM’s discretion (you cannot mimic specific individuals). Observers with vigilance lower than or equal to your school rank plus your ranks in Performance do not detect any flaws in your façade.

The school ability doesn't grant you the ability to change stats or abilities (it doesn't specifically bar you from it either, I admit). Whilst breaking the game isn't too hard - the game rules assume the GM is primarly responsible for throttling off any excessive bull-faeces - a day 1, rank 1 character being able to spontaneously gain fire 4, for example, and one of the most dangerous weapons in the game and lacquered armour, feels a touch too good.

The basic physical abilities - so, flying, is one thing, but sustaining fury is quite another.

I agree the Kitsune's Fox Spirit ability needs a lot of looking at.

Unlike other schools, Fox Spirit basically needs to 'win' against other NPC observers for the character to be functional in a normal setting, and it doesn't really give you any school rank scaling benefit - you can't impersonate anyone in particular, and if you allow the character to mimic an animal for the purpose of a fight, who cares if your opponent knows you're not really a boar?



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