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You know you have a problem when...

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lament that you should have taken bomber command center, while playing Cornhole at the first picnic of the season.

state, out loud, that your local baseball team needs to do a better job of keeping up with the meta.

 wish you could Lando your dinner order after it arrives.

get completely distracted at the hardware store when you see a potential new carrying option.

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Posted (edited)
41 minutes ago, ExplosiveTooka said:

You own a pelta 


22 minutes ago, RyonOlson said:

So, since I own two Peltas, does that go from a problem to a terminal illness?

If it does, I think that makes @Dark Stoke king of the undead? Last I saw the dude had 10.


Edited by Darth Sanguis

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you Just bought the 4th mat ( Hoth) and you walk proudly in Central London carrying that big long box, waiting to be appreciated by general public who would cheer for you for your brilliant purchase,


yet you get sad when it is an eerly silent ride home, no random guys looking at your box in the tube and giving you thumbs up or people approaching to you, asking about your current fleet and brag about SSD's delay,


maybe they were jealous you think,


or maybe they don't want reveal their identities,


because every Armada player is a hero of some sort, 

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