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What’s going on at the UK Games Expo this year? Friday 31st May to Sunday 2nd June 2019

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UK Games Expo is the world’s third largest tabletop gaming event with more than 39,000 visitors over three days at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, England.


This year those loveable rogues from the Drawn to the Flame podcast have used their charm and panache to make some Arkham Horror LCG events happen for the first time ever!


On Friday afternoon from 1 to 2 pm there will be a live recording of a Drawn to the Flame episode.

This is a completely free event but is capped at 350 people.

They will be revealing not one but two brand, new never seen before cards.


On Saturday 40 people get to play the two part scenario Guardians of the Abyss.

Part one runs from 10am till 1pm and is £5.00 entry.

Part two runs from 2pm till 5pm and is £5.00 entry.

You will need to bring your own Standalone deck and all the tokens you need to play, but not a copy of the scenario.


On Sunday 40 people get to play “The Depths of Yoth” in endless standalone mode.

The event opens at 10am and if you are still playing at 4pm they will kick you out.

If you are coming with an existing group then you can drop in and get started any time before 2pm.

This is also and is £5.00 entry.


Tune into the Drawn to the Flame social media for any informal meetups, pickup games or whathaveyou.

Twitter: @drawntotheflame 

Facebook: @drawntotheflamepodcast

If you want this in video form then you are welcome ;)



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