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When to play Return to Night of the Zealot (and others)?

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Hi all,

I love this game! I own all the products released so far and play in the following manner: I'll play a campaign together with my girlfriend and we'll construct decks choosing from all the player cards (minus the ones costing experience, obviously) that were included in the full cycle and every cycle before it. So by the time we played Path to Carcosa, we chose cards from the complete card pool of the Core set, Dunwich Legacy and the Path to Carcosa. We've played the Core, Dunwich Legacy and Path to Carcosa.

Now moving forward, I was thinking about playing releases in this order:

- Return to the Night of the Zealot

- The Labyrinths of Lunacy (standalone)

- The Forgotten Age

- Return to the Dunwich Legacy

- The Circle Undone

- Return to the Path of Carcosa


This way I think we closely match the order of release and have quite a bit of variation.

Does this sound like a good order for playing? We like a challenge, but also like to make it through the entire campaign and then win (or at least not fail miserably). Path to Carcosa has been quite hard for us, though we did manage it, barely, in the end. Is this order a good order for making things progressively more difficult?


In other words, how would you rate the difficulty of Return to the Night of the Zealot, compared to The Labyrinths of Lunacy and The Forgotten Age?

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Posted (edited)

The "Return To" campaigns are harder on average than a their regular campaign.  For example the final scenario in Return To Night Of The Zealot is just crazy.  Maybe don't do that one next if you need a confidence booster.  Scenario one as always in NOTZ is still pretty easy.  I'd suggest moving the "Return To" campaigns to after you finish all the current regular cycle material.  The extra benefit of that is by the time you circle back to those "Return To" campaigns more time will have passed and therefore the parts of the scenarios and story that line up with the original will seem more nostalgic.  At least that's my opinion.

Forgotten Age I didn't think is all that more difficult than Carcosa or TCU.  That campaign hands out a ton of trauma, but that's part of the theme of the campaign considering it's an expedition into the unknown.  I think that's why some people tend to rate it harder.  Dunwich was decidedly easier than the other cycles.  So I wouldn't use that as a measure.  I rate Carcosa actually as the hardest.  That final scenario is crazy hard.  I've managed to eventually get a good resolution on all the campaigns/standalones except Dim Carcosa.  If that's what is giving you pause then know that was in fact a hard scenario.

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37 minutes ago, Carthoris said:

I think the standalones tend to be harder than the Returns (except for Labyrinths, which is a little lackluster unless you can do the Epic Multiplayer thing).

I don't know if I'll ever beat Rougarou. We thought about it before our last Shattered Aeons campaign run because our decks were STACKED with xp, but Akachi and Daisy both had traumas enough that they were starting with 2-3 hp. 

Daisy was mulliganing for medical texts every game. I doubt we would have got anywhere in Rougarou. 

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