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[DH1] Questions from Tattered Fates - Final Batch

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It's been a minute since I had the time to get these up.

These constitute the last amount of questions I came up with for Tattered Fates while reading through beyond the 10 I felt were more important to find it answered.

  1. Thaddeus Haarlock is stated to have died in 690.M41 on the Planetary Data section on page 6, but on page 7 under "The Office of the Colony GOvernor Regent" it states he's been "centuries dead". The official time of Dark Heresy takes place in 815.M41 which is barely more than 150 years since Thaddeus' death, so not centuries. Any suggestions on the timeframe that Tattered Fates takes place in or when Thaddeus might have died?

Sorry but no idea. I wasn’t involved with that book and it’s been around ten years now. Maybe ask on forums?

  1. Shouldn't getting out of the slaughter pit, page 18, just follow the normal Assistance rules? Seems more complicated than it really needs to be as written.

If you’d like, sure. Depends on if you want to add more tension or not.

  1. How much of a challenge do you recommend should be added to the Spindle-Maw's Perception tests based on level of rucks the acolytes and captives raise?

It really depends on the exact situation and how dramatic the GM wants it to be. Also what the PCs are up to as well!

  1. Should the Ripperwing also remove the Psyniscience skill? Nothing in it's new state seems to imply they prefer psykers over anything else.

If you like. It doesn’t say to do so, but it’s your game.

  1. What kind of servitor maintains the Abattoir?

Depends on the PCs and how nasty they GM want’s these to be. A combat oriented part probably deserves combat oriented servitors, and so. Plus it depends on what shape the PCs are in.

  1. What kind of servitor accompanies the Heretek in the Hospital Pod


  1. The Dreadful Fate of Inquisitor Karkalla, mentions that the heretek should have "several armed servo-skulls" how many, and what kind, would you recommend?


  1. From the information table 3-1 result 2 degrees of success, what's a rakehell?


  1. Which discipline would you suggest the Pilgrim of Hayte use in the encounter involving the White Scholar under "Cleaning up Loose Ends"?

See #5

  1. How should the Spider Bride's profile be modified to reflect their narcotic venom for the possible initial encounter with the acolytes?

Perhaps just use the Toxic trait, modified again as per the PCs involved.

  1. What arms from Fane Doru's armoury would you suggest arming Sire Tarrik with as it suggests in his description?

See #5

  1. Should Lady Obellia's "Jewelled Dagger" just be treated as a knife, or something else?

Probably just a knife, but again see #5

  1. Which Malefic Rituals would you suggest Heron Mask knowing as per "The Lore of Hayte"?

See #5

  1. Any thoughts on who Abbot Raal was? From Heron Mask's gear.

Nope, sorry. Up to you as the GM to flesh that one out! Or let the PCs investigate and make it the basis for a new adventure.

  1. Does the Gambler's "A personal charm" count mechanically as a Charm?

If you’d like, sure. Things like this are all for flavor really. As the GM, you can always have NPCs do anything you like if it fits the scene.

  1. Does the Reveller have a minimum amount of Throne Gelt on their person?

Up to you really. Is it important to the plot? If not, then it doesn’t matter. If it does, what amount will best drive the narrative forward depending on the PCs and the scene?

  1. How much is the Petty Noble's "Jewellery" worth?


  1. Can the flenser's ampoules of corrosive tinctures be used in any combat manner? If so how?

If the GM want so, sure. If there aren’t actual weapon rules for something, it’s there for flavor usually though.

  1. Does the Mane Guard's "Telescopic chastisement baton" count as any piece of Gear that is for seeing further?

If you’d like, sure. Again, items like this are more for the GM to use if they want to offer reasons for how an NPC does certain things or can accomplish certain tasks in a flavorful way.

  1. Does the Slaver of the Red Cages "unpleasant trinkets and charms" count mechanically as a Charm?

See #23

I'm still reading through Dead Stars, so when I finish that up I'll send in Damned City questions and see what we get.

Thanks for your time.

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