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Describe the gist of each faction in one sentence.

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Rebellion: Designed to take a beating. They'll just keep coming and there's nothing you can do about it.
Empire: Order on the board, all makes sense, they move as a unit and make no compromises.
Scum: Literally everything else. Also a huge mess.
Resistance: Entirely based around its aces and heroes, all meant to take something with them. A very high skill ceiling faction if you aren't using A-Wings, otherwise you're just really efficient.
First Order: Brutality when brutalized- opposite to Rebellion, they'll burn down with you and they'll like it.
Republic: Orderly, rigid, tandem in body and mind, no pieces work well without the other. 1.0 early Rebel Synergy turned into a faction.
Separatists: Absolutely insane bargain bin ships that you can't expect to keep, aces that will surprise your foe, totally wicked-wack pilots.

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Posted (edited)

Rebels: I'm fat and I love every second. 

Imps: I go fast, you go fast we all scream for ice cream

Scum: I'm like,,, speshul

First Order: What you don't all go to your conferences in fur suits? 

Resistance: Must resist... urge... to respond... to everything with "Every word you just said was wrong" 

Separatists: I like rocks. Do you like rocks? 

Republic: One plus one always equals two. Always. Two. (But 2+2=5)

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(from an earlier thread) 

Scum: Annoying mother****ers

Empire: Get ****ed 

Rebels: Bet you can't **** us

FO: **** you, and then **** you more

Resistance: At least the dice won't **** us

CIS: ****s everywhere 

Republic: Let's help eachother **** them 

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Posted (edited)

CIS - before all the upcoming crazy Nantex tractor jank and the inevitable fac memes :)

as of now:


Roger Roger rolling flood/

soulless sharing math/

a hateful sith hides



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Rebels: Friends help you, but best friends help you bury bodies.

Empire: When all you have is a TIE swam, everything looks like a joust.

Resistance: Fast and Furious IINNNN SSPPAAAAAAACCCEEE!

First Order: Our plan is so great not even we know what we're doing!

Republic: we've got a thousand clones... Send the two Jedi.

Separatists: we've got a thousand droids... Send all of them and pray they don't send those two f#&$*ng Jedi.

Scum: Fun Police.


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Rebels: A healthy comforting soup that you pass around the campfire.

Empire: Fined-tuned Cogs in a machine that came out a steampunk story.

Scum: Red-neck family with expensive toys that you’ve never seen before.

FO: Pretty display sword you know you shouldn’t swing around but do anyway.

Resistance: Highly trained pit crew from a Nascar race that traded drills for guns. 

Separatists: That angry beehive you knocked down from your roof. 

Republic: What you’d expect if High schools could declare war on everyone. 

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