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Proxies for 1e Conversion Kit Figures

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I've gotten some research in on this so far.  Figure I'd pitch it out there for the rest of ya.

Short sum = there's a number of 1e and promotional heroes that have not been given proper figure-update treatments.  For people who jumped in during 2e it doesn't make as much financial sense to backtrack and buy the old expansions for the older-generation less-refined models, sadly.  Compounding the issue is that it doesn't seem like FFG is going to release any more H&M sets for Descent in the foreseeable future (maybe down the line, but not for a long while).

So that's what this thread is for.  Providing proxies and suggestions for the different `1e heroes that were given a card in the conversion kit, but not an update.


So here's the recap list of said heroes

Bogran the Shadow
Landrec the Wise
Mad Carthos
Varikas the Dead
Brother Glyr
Laughin Buldar
Hugo the Glorious
Tobin Farslayer
Red Scorpion

Here's a gallery of all the 1e heroe figures, courtesy of @Sadgit



And here's some accurate proxies I found ...


- Red Scorpion
An actual current gen sculpt of the Red Scorpion, plus at $15-ish you can consider this a lieutenant's blister pack.  Not even a proxie at this point.


- Lendrec the Wise
One other one.  kinda easier to get a bald wizard with a staff

Brother Glyr
little thin for a dwarf, but he's just about exactly on model

Bogran the Shadow
FFG created an orc Batman and Robin with Nara and Bogran.  Finding suitable figures was darned well impossible.  This guy came REALLY close, though.  He looks like a vigilante and wears a leather hood.

- Hugo the Glorious
Hugo rolls a black die.  So making him HUGE may be a good idea (even if this guy doesn't have a cape)

- Varikas the Dead
just missing little wing horns, but this guy's super close to on model

- Mad Carthos
The model sells the concept of "unethical wizard" and he has the ram horns ... however I couldn't find any half-naked murder-hobos as a good proxie.

- Laughin Buldar
https://www.reapermini.com/search/kord the destroyer/latest/77061
the armor's off model, but the ferocity here is top notch

- Tobin Farslayer
if you're willing to ditch the armor, this guy can easily work for a Tobin

- Aurim
This guy's surprisingly spot on Could easily pass
This one's a REALLY close second if you want him to look more action-ready.

- Kirga
A more stalker pose, same benefits, tho





And some honorable mentions

Runebound - Unbreakable Bonds
It's an actual current-gen sculpt of Eliam and it looks really cool.  
The reason it's an honorable mention is that the other hero in the kit is Tatianna ... who's already in an H&M kit.  So unless you're invested in Runebound already (which I've heard great things about), it may be hard to justify a $35 purchase for a single fig.

Tobin Farslayer
This figure's a bearded archer ... though this guy's also more of a ragged ranger than Evil-Sherrif-of-Nottingham

Laughin Buldar
missing the headdress, but he's definitely got the attitude and gear otherwise
I -love- this pose and attitude, though I suspect it's too big for a single tile.

- Aurim
So ... not accurate at all, but it's a cool sculpt
I'm honestly surprised at how hard it is to find a persian aesthetic 25mm figure that isn't in persian battle armor.  this one's a bit off mark but could work

- Brother Glyn
really close to on model
Surprisingly similar style of sculpt render.  The armors a bit off, but it is a balding dwarf with a big hammer.

- Bogran the Shadow
an ok alternative, not great, though

- Kirga
honorable mention only in that I don't know if Kirga's supposed to be an orc or a goblin.  If he's a goblin?  this will do.  Otherwise he'd be too diminuative.
if you're willing to ditch the full body cloak, you'll get this assassin with twin daggers in a cool pose.
** there's some confusion I saw online if Kirga was male or female.  My above recommends were for male, but some OLD posts from 1e might indicate female.  If so, here's a couple ...
finding female-orc-rogues is SUPER sparse.  you might have to hero-forge this one.

- Eliam
in case you don't want to drop the money into the aforementioned Runebound system ... you may have to settle for any elf with 2 blades
another alternative

- Hugo the Glorious

- Lendrec the Wise
a bald wizard.  spear instead of a twisty stick, but the figure's a decent design overall
no twisty stick but it deffinitely works.

- Varikas the Dead
a little less dramatic than the other guy, but also more on model

- Mad Carthos
Great stylized sculpt with ramhorns headdress, but this guy's even more "Tim" than the other one

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aaaaaaaand ... I actually dug up proxies for everyone.  Hooray.

If you have different suggestions or ideas on proxies, please do let us know.  I'll also update the OP with them.

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That's a little unfortunate about Red.  Oddly I couldn't find a proper alternative for red scorpion on the market.  (you'd think dancy dagger lady would be an easy find).

If y'all see any good proxies, let me know.

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Posted (edited)

so I tried looking for any info on Brother Glyr and stumbled on this thread ...



Great, so now there's 4 more unreleased heroes to get proxies for.  lol

plus side, I feel better about some of the proxies.  especially Mad Carthos.




got some proxies for the unrleased heroes I linked above ... because I was bored



https://www.reapermini.com/search/female dwarf/latest/14082


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34 minutes ago, Lightningclaw said:

I don’t know about Red Scorpion specifically, but I know the Runebound minis are slightly smaller.

That's really unfortunate, I don't think I'd want the games scale to vary anymore than it already has.

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Question for oldschool folks = is Kirga male or female?

I don't have access to the 1e books, and info provided from the conversion kit was sparse.  However, sifting through old info online I saw a few people refer to kirga as "she".


So yeah, if you happen to know ... please let me know.  ^^

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