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Bayushi Shunsuke

[Ruling] Toshi Ranbo & Back-Alley Hideaway

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Just now, Bayushi Shunsuke said:

When I play a character attached to a Back-Alley Hideaway on Toshi Ranbo does it enter play with 1 additional fate from Toshi Ranbo?

Yes, you do get the additional fate as you’re playing it as if it were in Toshi Ranbo. I realize this contradicts the previous ruling with Toshi Ranbo/Hidden Moon Dōjō, so this would invalidate that ruling.

Back-Alley Hideaway + Toshi Ranbo = extra fate.

Hidden Moon Dōjō + Toshi Ranbo = no extra fate.

When a card is played “as if it were in” another zone, card effects that interact with the card being played only see that other zone, not the one it actually came from. 

[Tyler Parrott, May 9 2019]

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While I disagree with this, I will have to accept it. 

Just seems as if we might get rulings that will go back and forth depending on the interactions of newly released (or yet to be released) cards, which is understandable but not a good precedent. (cards need to be better designed prior to releasing them, imo)

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