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Imp - 800pts - Vader/Veers

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Below is my list. 800pts dead on.

Any comments suggestions would be appreciated. :)

Question on Scouts, giving them Recon Intel, is that any good sense they have scout 1 already.

Does that mean they could move range 2 instead?

the List:

Vader: Saber Throw & Force Push


Imp. Guards:  Tenacity & Recon Intel

Imp. Scouts: {Strike Team}  & Sniper

Imp. Scouts: Squad & Sniper & Duct n Cover & Frag Grenades & Recon Intel??

Imp StormTroopers:  DLT-19  X [4]




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All Keywords with numbers behind them are cumulative. So yes the snipers will do a range 2 move instead of a range 1 move after they are deployed. Is it worth? Well that depends on what you want to do with them. In your list I would say no, because your army is pretty slow (Vader) and you don't want to push the scouts forward too aggressively so that they become an easy target.

Regarding your list: It looks decent, it could win. But I don't like to play Veers and Vader together. They don't synergize very well, so I ask myself if it isn't better to take another corps instead of Veers. Also I would consider switching out the big scout unit for DT with DT F16 and armament. You get better range and melee dmg (about the same ranged dmg with grenade launcher configuration on range 2) and a lot more effective  health and compel. Also Veers synergizes better with DT than with Scouts imo (Aim Tokens on DT are better and Imperial Discipline for Armament).

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