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Big City, Big Problems

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Hello all, I'm developing a new arc for one of my groups and I'd love to get some suggestions from the pros around here.

I'm introducing the characters to a large city environment where they can set up a base of operations. They're all Force users and have been exploring that side of things, but some of the players also want to add in some classic fetch quest play. I figure instead of mindlessly hopping around the galaxy, I can give them a base with a ton of life happening around them. That way there are always side quests while a main story arc is also playing out within their city/planet/sector.

If it helps, much of that group are video gamers so I'm styling this like Mass Effect: A hub of activity and quest givers while large story missions are also occurring. Also, one player is a Sentinel and is considering the My City signature ability and I want him to have a really meaty city to play in.

I have a location: Abhean, which exists in Canon/Legends, but has spare enough detail that I can mold it as I see fit. I invented a massive walled city of Cyrene, which sits in a large fjord on the coast and extends both up the cliffside and down into caverns. It's a city of millions, many who work in the Imperial shipyards in orbit, building bulk freighters for the Empire.

Their first encounter is a classic hit the Space DMV to register your ship and--what's that? A street urchin swiped your lightsaber! What I really need is more flavor and activities that are going on. So far I have:

  • Swoop racing through the caverns, both sanctioned and illegal
  • Boat racing on the ocean, but watch out for bigger fish
  • Grav-ball leagues
  • Casinos, not Canto Bight levels, but some are really quite nice, others, y'know....
  • Mynok hunting in the shipyards in orbit
  • Bazaars and shops galore
  • Large spaceports that sit on the top of the cliff, with all the smuggling and seediness that comes with

This art from 2P51's thread is the concept art I'm using for the city.


What other fun things should I include? Thanks in advance!

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