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Under Construction Death Star pieces

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Hi all,

I'm the proud owner of a brand new SW: Rebellion game and this beauty looks just as great as I expected, except... I think I've got a wrong piece for my Under Construction DS. Before I run crying to FFG, I want to check with you guys that I actually have the wrong pieces and that it's not just me being stupid ;)

So, my Under Construction DS has the central "ball" that goes inside the two half spheres, no problem there. But, the two actual spheres for my mini are the same piece... So, I've got two "top"-halves, with the super laser and all, and I can't get them to fit around the inner "ball" piece. Now, I would completely understand if FFG had "cheated" here and made it so that the Under Construction DS was made up of two identical pieces for cheaper production, but... as I said, I can't get the pieces to fit so I suspect something is wrong here. Can you guys confirm/deny that the two spheres that makes up the Under Construction DS are NOT supposed to be identical?

Thanks in advance for your help, peoploids :D

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2 hours ago, angelman2 said:

So, I've got two "top"-halves, with the super laser and all...

You don't remember the 2nd Death Star having 2 superlasers? That was the selling point that interested Palpy the most. "The ability to destroy 2 planets at the same time is rather significant next to the power of the force."

But seriously, no. You are missing the bottom half, and that's the half where the peg goes. Just go here: https://parts.asmodeena.com/partsrequests/ and they're get you your part in the mail quickly.

In the meantime, you should modify the bottom half to fit and have a dual superlaser Death Star to terrorize the galaxy with. 🎇

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