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CR90 "Pride of Alderaan"

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As the Tantive IV is likely at an Imperial shipyard after being torn apart looking for the secret plans, a terribly dull day at work spent on a bunch of conference calls lead me to designing my own CR90 board. Below are the steps I went through and some supporting photos. Learned an awful lot on this project and could have saved a lot of time but it just means my next project will go that much quicker. Per this thread below, I'm actually going to be giving it a battle tonight - genuinely excited :)

1. I started out by finding a floor-plan online that I liked and that I thought I could make work pretty easily to produce a fun board


2. I then looked through the different pieces of insulation foam I had an found a 4x2' that was in good shape and almost completely symmetrically cut as to be perfect and hand-drew the rough floor-plan onto the foam to make sure I wasn't missing something and had a few minis running around pewpew'ing to make sure that what I was planning would be fun


3. I then followed up with a grid-system to get this as accurate to the floorplan as possible


4. Once I had the "final" outline I painted the deck grey to contrast against the black and cold depths of space to show the play area


5. I then went to Tinkercad and spent a TON of time designing a few walls and columns that looked close enough to what the walls of the Tantive IV looked like (learning a bunch along the way)



6. Using those, I then designed 4 rooms (really, 2 but I then reversed each one to come up with 4), a bridge and an engine room that all looked uniform but not mass-printed




7. I started out with much smaller versions (40% of the final size) to better rapid prototype AND entertain my kids :)



8. I also build in some very small 2mm holes that could seat these magnets to make the setup somewhat durable by stopping the parts moving too much during play but remaining flexible enough that any given section can be removed to allow for checking of LOS or taking dramatic pictures, etc.



9. I have wasted a disgusting amount of plastic doing this and some sections are painted and some are not but seeing this come together, room by room over the last few weeks has really been fun.




10. I found some other parts via Thingiverse.com and have a bunch of failed prints to add as furniture until I get around to designing some of my own


11. I need to repaint the underlying board to make it match up to the final shape of the ship although my awesome wife has suggested actually printing out the floor so it looks better than just my crappy paint-job, so that might be in the future, plus a few additional minor things but this is close to being done.






Tonight is the first battle. Can't wait to see if this is actually a fun board and, if not, what change need to be made to accommodate.

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