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I've been using citadel paints, and they're pretty good. They do tend to be a touch thick out of the pot, so make sure yo thin it down with some water and you should be good.

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Don't get cheap dollar bottles of acrylic paint nor the acrylic paint sets that come in squeeze tubes.

Vallejo, Citadel, & Army Painter are the more common (acrylic) paints used for our hobby. They're about 3 to 4 dollars a bottle, but you if you pick up a set, they come out to roughly just under $3 and are a good bargain. Get a variety of grays.  Black and white area given as well. Keep in mind that an off white or near-white is more commonly used over a pure bright white. More common colors are Red, Green, Blue and Brown.

Metallics (gun metal, silver, gold, bronze, & copper) are helpful if it's in your budget. Of those, I'd prioritize the silver over the others.

You can do a little color mixing on a pallet and approximate other paint colors by either tinting (adding white) or shading (adding black) to get a variety of colors. The biggest note when doing this is if you plan to do a squad with similar colors across the lot, you're probably better buying the main color you want rather than try and mix enough of a particular hue to use for the bunch.

Also, you can use metallic markers for certain details like scraped hulls or colored pencils for some effects like scorch marks & oil streaks.

Good luck, and don't forget to post pics of your ships!

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