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toxic newb

questions from a curious guy

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I've been wanting to start playing the game and have already watched some reviews and now know how to play but I still have some questions that I thought some of you would be able to answer...

1. which online shop sells the beginner game cheapest? (based in USA)

2. would a nine year old understand how to play?

3.what's the difference of this and the other two Star Wars roleplaying games besides theme?

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  1. Not sure, but I've seen The Force Awakens box set in stock recently, both at a local comic shop and Barnes & Noble. 
  2. My eight year old has grasped the dice resolution mechanic, and the idea of gaining experience and improving his character. As for the role playing, he really enjoys it, and acts out scenarios with action figures even when I'm not playing with him.
  3. The narrative dice set this system apart. I did not play any of the previous iterations, but coming from a D&D background, I greatly enjoy the flexibility and epic results possible in this system. It encourages player participation and creative problem solving.

Good luck, and have fun!

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