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Master key items and carry limit

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2 hours ago, Necrohexel said:



Quick question.

Do Master Key Cards, or Quest item cards count towards the carry limit?

Yes, as stated on page 9 of the Rulebook:

Carry Limit
Each survivor can have a combined maximum of 10 resources and items at a time. If a survivor has more than 10, they must choose which 10 to keep. Resources not chosen are placed in the survivor’s space, resource side faceup, and cards not chosen are discarded (see "Discarding Cards" on page 6). Some items have the Quest Item trait. These items are crucial to some quests, and must be kept. Some items allow survivors to carry resources on them. This allows the survivor to place some of their resources on the item card. Those resources do not count toward the survivor’s carry limit (but the item itself still counts as one card toward the carry limit).

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Also, on page 15 of the Rulebook:

Resources and Carry Limit

"Some items have the Quest Item trait. These items are crucial to completing some quests, and cannot be discarded, even if the survivor is exceeding their carry limit. These items still count toward the carry limit."

Concerning Master Keys, page 13 of the Rulebook calls these cards "items."

Key Items

"Some items have abilities that are resolved when drawing an exploration card. These items allow the survivor to resolve a different exploration card instead of the card they just drew. The survivor must decide which card to resolve before seeing the replacement card’s ability."

So, according to the Carry Limit rule on page 9 of the Rulebook, things that count toward that limit are, "resources and items" (Crafted items, Quest items, Master Key items, etc).

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